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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Leads to EU Investigation

The European Union is launching a full investigation into the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift issue after over 25,000 people complain.

The Switch Joy-Con drift issue continues to cause headaches for Nintendo, not to mention over 25,000 disgruntled Europeans who have complained about it.

Those who’ve ever experienced Joy-Con drift will understand how frustrating it can be when playing a game. Once a console starts doing it, the problem can be game-breaking and annoying to fix.

While Nintendo has acknowledged the problem and has offered to repair or replace affected controllers. The issue still represents a trading standard issue for the company.

This is how many consumers worldwide see it. And as a result have then complained to the relevant authorities once it’s happened to them.

In EU territories, these complaints have become so loud that the trading block now needs to investigate. This is because of the European Consumer Organization’s rules, a group who represent the EU's consumer watchdogs.

Joy-Con drift

What Have The EU Said About Joy-Con Drift?

A representative for the EU Consumer Organization said, “Consumers assume the products they buy to last an appropriate amount of time according to justified expectations, not to have to pay for expensive replacements due to a technical defect."

"Nintendo must now come up with proper solutions for the thousands of consumers affected by this problem."

Of course, this isn’t the first time Nintendo has been in hot water over Joy-Con drift. The company is also facing legal action in the United States, Asia, and the UK because of the problem.

The Nintendo Switch lite doesn’t suffer from this issue due to it not having Joy-Cons. Let’s hope the upcoming Switch Pro doesn’t possess similar problems when it’s finally released.

The Switch Pro is expected to be revealed in the coming months. Here’s why we’re concerned about it.

If you’re not worried about Joy-Con drift, check out the new special edition Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo Switch console.

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