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Nintendo Switch Facing Huge Stock Shortage in 2021

Nintendo is facing huge stock shortages of the Switch, with no end in sight.

The Nintendo Switch has been a huge success ever since it launched back in 2017. An amazing blend of home and portable consoles, with great exclusive games, the Switch has been a hit.

Unfortunately, like the PS5 and Xbox Series X, Nintendo is facing some huge stock shortages of the Switch in 2021. What is causing this and can Nintendo solve this problem soon?

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Nintendo Switch Stock Low in 2021 and Beyond?

Last week, Nintendo announced their insane Switch sales figures for last year. Now, president Shuntaro Furukawa revealed in a Q&A with investors, the cause behind the ongoing Switch shortages.

“Demand for hardware continues to exceed our expectations even after the beginning of this calendar year, and production has currently not caught up to this high demand due to the tight supply and demand situation for semiconductor materials worldwide.”

The demand for these semiconductors is higher than ever as they are a key component used in the chips that power all the major consoles. This is why, along with the Nintendo Switch, the PS5 stock shortages could continue for ages too.

The shortage of Nintendo Switch consoles this year will be a huge disappointment for players who want to pick up the amazing new games rumored from the Nintendo E3 lineup.

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Nintendo still aims to ship over 25 million Switches this financial year, but the stock is totally reliant on being able to secure these semiconductors. Furukawa admits that Nintendo Switch production this year is “uncertain”, but they will “work hard to meet the strong demand”.

What this stock shortage means for the launch of the heavily rumored Switch Pro is also up in the air too.

Let’s hope that the shortage of semiconductors is sorted soon so gamers can buy their console of choice easily.

Meanwhile, Nintendo will focus on creating new game series in the future. The next great Nintendo franchise could be right around the corner!

Also, the latest Switch Pro rumor suggests the console will have 4K supports and DLSS. Hopefully, the Nintendo Switch stock shortages are over by then.

However, with the Switch Pro supposedly launching this year, these part shortages could have a huge impact.

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