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Nintendo Switch Firmware Update Ver. 13.0.0 Adds Bluetooth Audio Support – Patch Notes

Finally, the Nintendo Switch has Bluetooth audio support after it was added as part of a huge new firmware update.

The Nintendo Switch came out all the way back in 2017, but it is still getting regular firmware updates to improve the user experience.

Now, the 13.0.0 firmware update has added one of the most highly-requested features to the Switch. That’s right, this patch contains the long-awaited Bluetooth audio support feature.

Find out everything added in the update below.

But first, Nintendo has claimed that a Switch Pro is not in development.

Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch Firmware Update Ver. 13.0.0 Patch Notes

Bluetooth Audio Support

First up, Switch players will be able to connect Bluetooth headphones, earbuds, and speakers to their console. Unfortunately, Bluetooth microphones won’t be supported.

Players will be able to use up to two wireless controllers while a Bluetooth audio device is connected. However, you can’t use Bluetooth audio while local wireless communication is active.

Also, if you’re unsure how to use this feature check out our handy guide on how to pair Bluetooth headphones and audio devices to your Nintendo Switch.

Switch OLED Dock Software Update Feature

In case you missed it, the new Switch OLED model features an ethernet port. This is great for online gamers, but it also requires some changes in the 13.0.0 firmware update.

Simply enough, there will now be the option to update the dock in the system settings.

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Nintendo Switch OLED

Internet Connection in Sleep Mode

Additionally, players can select whether their Switch connects to the internet in Sleep Mode. This is useful for players who want updates to be installed as soon as possible.

This feature is automatically enabled but can be easily switched off in the system settings.

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Calibrate Control Sticks Changes

Lastly, the way to Calibrate Control Sticks on the Switch has been changed slightly in the new Switch firmware update. However, this is a very minor change and won’t affect your overall experience on the Switch.

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Switch Joy-Con

And that’s everything coming in the new Bluetooth audio Nintendo Switch firmware update. Will you be using this great new feature?

In other news, check out the new Pokemon and battle mechanics in Pokemon Legends Arceus. This will be a huge change for the series.

Also, in case you missed it, here’s the first Breath of the Wild 2 trailer. It looks even better than the first game!

Finally, Nintendo Switch Online could be getting some more retro games. Game Boy & Game Boy color titles could be coming to Nintendo Switch Online.

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