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Nintendo Switch eShop Having Problems – Is It Because of The Monster Hunter Rise Demo?

The Monster Hunter Rise demo goes live today, but the Nintendo Switch eShop seems to be having some problems since it arrived.

Monster Hunter finally climbed out of its cult status in the west and into the mainstream with the release of Monster Hunter World. While the series has always been huge in Japan, it remained niche in the west.

The series had an incredibly loyal but small fanbase on the Nintendo 3DS but struggled to break out of this little box. Now however, Monster Hunter stands shoulder to shoulder with the other big triple-A titles on PS4 and Xbox One.

In fact, Monster Hunter World is even one of the PSN library titles on PS5. But since hitting the big time, fans of Nintendo’s portable consoles have felt overlooked.

Monster Hunter World was a bit high end for the Nintendo Switch. And Nintendo has said on multiple occasions that they have no intention of porting the title.

But luckily, they have gone one better. They’ve made Monster Hunter Rise, especially for the Nintendo Switch.

A game which bears more resemblance to Monster Hunter World than the older 3DS games – which were still using the engine from the original Monster Hunter game on PS2.

What Is the Monster Hunter Rise Demo Doing to The Nintendo eShop?

Based on the above, we can see why the demand for the Monster Hunter Rise demo is high. But since it went live the Nintendo eShop has started to experience technical difficulties.

Some have suggested that the high demand for the Monster Hunter Rise demo is the cause. However, Nintendo has since said that they are performing essential maintenance and that this will be why.

While it’s unclear if the traffic from the high amount of demo downloads has played a role, we may need to wait until Nintendo release the figures. Although the maintenance seems a more likely cause.

The demo is available now, but there may still be issues in downloading it. Monster Hunter Rise will release on the 26th of March 2021. Currently there’s no word on a PlayStation or Xbox release

The demo can be played online between four players using 14 different weapon types. It also introduces new Wyvern riding gameplay and lets players play alongside a Palamute for the first time.

Monster Hunter Rise is not the only major Switch release coming this year. Here’s everything we know about Zelda Breath of The Wild 2 and the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes.

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