Gaming giant Nintendo will be skipping Gamescom this year, which has raised concerns about when we will get a first glimpse of the Switch 2.

Gamescom is the largest gaming festival in Europe, held in Cologne, Germany. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors attend to see over stands and presentations from 1000 exhibitors.

However, as first reported by the German website Games Wirtschaft, Nintendo will not be attending the 2024 edition of Gamescom in late August.

Nintendo has been ever-present at past Gamescom events, so its decision to skip the exhibition this year is a worry for many gamers. This is especially the case considering that the Switch 2 is rumored to release in March 2025.

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Why Won’t the Switch 2 Be at Gamescom 2024?

Nintendo has not revealed the reason why it is skipping Gamescom 2024 but said that it took “careful consideration” with the decision in its statements to both Games Wirtschaft and Eurogamer.

Despite this, we believe it’s so that Nintendo can focus on its Nintendo Direct presentation to reveal the new console. We believe that the Switch 2 reveal will take place in October or November 2024, based on Nintendo’s past schedules.

Additionally, skipping Gamescom will help prevent more leaks about the Switch 2 from surfacing. If Nintendo doesn’t attend the show, then it can keep its new console behind closed doors until the reveal.

Previously, Nintendo has revealed its new consoles in invite-only presentations for the press at trade shows like Gamescom and E3. However, holding these events in more secure locations like Nintendo offices would prevent leaks.

Therefore, even if Nintendo won’t be at Gamescom, there’s almost certainly nothing to worry about! The Switch 2 still seems to be on track for an early 2025 release date, but Nintendo is probably just being very cautious about leaks.

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