The upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC will offer players new areas to explore and Pokemon to catch.

Fortunately, Nintendo has just given us a first glance at one of the new ‘Mons players can expect to see. Here is everything there is to know about this new Pokemon.

What Is the New Scarlet & Violet DLC Pokemon?

The new Pokemon that has been announced for the upcoming Scarlet & Violet DLC currently has no name.

It is a Terastallized turtle-like Pokemon that resembles Terapagos, the upcoming Scarlet & Violet Indigo Disc DLC legendary.

Eagle-eyed fans may have spotted the new ‘Mon, before it was officially announced. It featured in the first episode of Pokemon Horizons, the new anime series that aired in Japan on April 14, 2023.

However, since the anime aired, it has been officially revealed via the Pokemon Twitter account.

The tweet states: “Its splendid aura is reminiscent of the Legendary Pokémon Terapagos, but this Pokémon’s name and true nature are shrouded in mystery.”

The tweet also confirmed it would appear in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

It is likely that it will appear in the Indigo Disc part of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC. This is set to release in Winter 2023.

This mystery Pokemon plays a very significant and crucial role in the anime. It protects the show’s protagonist, Liko, in a life-threatening moment.

It remains to be seen what role it will play in Scarlet and Violet. However, considering the similarities between it and Terapagos, as well as its appearance in the anime, it’s safe to say it will likely have a prominent role.

Of course, if you missed that episode and want to know more about how this mystery Pokemon fits into the anime, you can check out our full breakdown of the first two episodes.

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