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Nintendo Employee Recommends Not Buying Switch OLED Unless You Like The Screen

After the reveal of the new Nintendo Switch OLED fans are quite disappointed with the lack of upgraded hardware, now an official Nintendo employee is advising buyers to avoid the model unless they are swayed by the new screen.

Yesterday Nintendo officially unveiled their new Nintendo Switch model, the Switch OLED. However, so far its reception has been received with mixed emotions.

Nintendo Switch OLED Dock White
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The Nintendo Switch has proven to be one of the most successful products in Nintendo’s long-running history. Therefore, It has come as no surprise that Nintendo is now rolling out different variations, after the popularity of the Switch Lite.

However, due to the new console’s lack of major upgrades, some fans have gone as far as to say the Switch OLED is “useless”. Interestingly, now it appears that an official Nintendo employee is also not recommending the new product due to its apparent shortcomings.

How to Pre-Order New Nintendo Switch OLED Model
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If you want to check out the full Nintendo Switch OLED specifications for yourself, take a look. If you already have a Switch, here is what Nintendo is recommending you do in the meantime.

Nintendo Switch OLED Is Not A Major Upgrade

Recently, the Switch OLED has been a topic of some serious debate. Is the new model worth picking up or is it better to wait for the unveiling of the Switch Pro? Now, an official Nintendo employee has made a statement regarding the new model.

Although the new model does not have a new CPU or RAM upgrade, it does have a vastly improved 7″ OLED screen. In a reply tweet, a manager of product marketing commented on a concerned fan’s query on whether the new Switch would run better.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model Announcement Trailer
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Take a look below at what JC Rodrigo had to say in reply. Bear in mind that the new model is releasing later this year on October 8th.

Nope. Not what’s for. Stick with the current one if you’re not digging the screen.

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@JCRodrigo_ Twitter

According to the official reply, the Nintendo Switch OLED is not meant to perform as an improved model. In fact, this could hint that the Nintendo Switch Pro is meant to take up this role. Furthermore, Jeff Grubb claims that a new 4K DLSS Switch could still be happening in 2022.

nintendo switch oled model full specs resolution battery life more(1)
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It appears that the only substantial change to the Switch OLED is the OLED screen, apart from that the new Switch might not be worth it for existing users. However, if you want to see the comparisons and differences between each of the Switch models, take a look.

However, it is important to note that the new Switch OLED Dock does come with an ethernet port, for a more stable connection. Therefore, you may want to know how to buy the new White Switch Dock with the ethernet port separately.

If you want to check out the official Tweet from JC Rodrigo, you can do so here. Alternatively, if you aren’t swayed by the criticism and still want to pre-order the New Nintendo Switch OLED, take a look at our handy guide.

Finally, the Nintendo Switch Online subscriber count has been officially revealed. It looks like there are some major improvements underway for the online service.

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