Yet another Nintendo Switch 2 leak has emerged out in the wild, revealing Nintendo’s plans to ship a whopping 10 million+ units of their new console in the next fiscal year.

This seems to confirm a myriad of other leaks that promise a 2024 launch for the Nintendo Switch 2.

It also suggests that Nintendo is more than confident that its much-anticipated next-gen console will sell like hotcakes. We’re inclined to agree.

10 Million Nintendo Switch 2 Will Ship Launch in 2024

According to a recent article from Bloomberg, Nintendo plans to ship at least 10 million units of the Nintendo Switch 2 in the 2024 fiscal year.

This comes from Bloomberg reporter Takashi Mochizuki and Omida analyst Hiroshi Hayase. These are the same sources that revealed that the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 will have an an 8-inch LCD screen.

Nintendo is planning on shipping this staggering amount of units in the next fiscal year, starting in April 2024.

To put that into perspective, the original Nintendo Switch sold just shy of 5 million units in 5 months. The alleged 10 million projected Nintendo Switch 2 consoles seems like a significant uptick in units.

However, with the Nintendo Switch’s healthy install base and Nintendo’s emphasis on backwards compatibility for Switch games, we expect the demand for Switch 2 to be even higher than its first go around.

New Mario Red Nintendo Switch OLED

Having such a large amount of consoles ready to go at launch is great news for fans wanting to avoid the likes of scalpers and keen early adopters. These could potentially make getting their hands on one quite difficult.

It’s a great move from Nintendo, especially when considering how chip shortages made it near impossible for gamers to get their hands on PS5s and Xbox Series Xs when they first released back in 2020.

Hopefully, having so many units of the Nintendo Switch 2 available in its first year will allow fans to get one in 2024

Three players playing on a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED, and Nintendo Switch Lite

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