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Nintendo May Suffer Parts Shortage Ahead of Switch Pro Launch

The Nintendo Switch Pro isn’t officially announced yet, and already Nintendo is warning fans about a potential parts shortage.

We’re currently in the year of parts shortages, just take a look at next-gen consoles everywhere. Right now, it’s still almost impossible to get your hands on a PS5 or Xbox Series X – even 5 months after their release.

Now, it’s possible that the Nintendo Switch may also suffer a shortage if demand keeps piling up for the hybrid console. Currently, the Switch has been the best-selling console basically every month since its release in 2017, and stock has rarely been an issue for Nintendo’s flagship product either.

nintendo switch
(Source: Nintendo)

But that might all change with the announcement of the New Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Pro model.

Will There Be a Shortage of Nintendo Switch Pro at Launch?

A new interview with Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa is warning that a Nintendo Switch shortage could be coming soon.

In a recent interview with Nikkei, President Furukawa talked about Nintendo’s focus on creating new game series in the future. He also discusses the potential threat of a Nintendo Switch shortage in the coming months.

“We have been able to secure the necessary materials for the immediate production of semiconductors for Switches,” Furukawa confirms. “However, in Japan and other countries, demand has been very strong since the beginning of the year, and there is a possibility of shortages at some retailers in the future.”

And with a 4K Nintendo Switch leaked to release later this year, a shortage could be sooner rather than later. After all, the upcoming Switch upgrade is said to support Ray-Tracing graphics, and would be a major improvement over the current hardware.

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Nintendo Switch
(Source: Nintendo)

“It is difficult to say how we will deal with this, but in some cases we may not be able to prepare enough for orders.”

Of course, as with other next-gen consoles, a Nintendo Switch Pro would likely be the target for scalpers worldwide. Just take a look at how many PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles have gone to scalpers already!

We may hear more about the potential Nintendo Switch upgrade at Nintendo’s major E3 Direct. And Nintendo Switch docks are getting a boost in preparation for the new hardware already.

Interestingly, it looks as though the Nintendo Switch Pro will have some exclusive games too. This makes sense, given its rumored power, but that certainly won’t help matters on the shortage front.

If fans have to upgrade for Breath of the Wild 2 or Pokemon Legends: Arceus, they’ll do it.

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