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Nintendo Leaks Potential New Zelda Remaster

A new leak coming straight from Nintendo themselves may have proven the existence of a new Legend of Zelda Remaster.

Ever since the release of Breath of the Wild, the series has been bigger than ever, with its sales even rivaling that of Nintendo's greatest mascot.

To take on Super Mario Odyssey in sales was an unprecedented shift for the Zelda series. The open world game introduced many to the franchise in its best outing yet, boasting a remarkable open world and a slew of different ways to beat the game.

Zelda breath of the wild remaster leak
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The game was revolutionary not only for Zelda, but for open-world sandbox games at large. And now, with a sequel confirmed to be on the way, fans can't wait to return to the Kingdom of Hyrule.

If you need a refresher of what's to come, here's everything we know about Breath of the Wild 2.

Plus leaks have been spurring on incredible excitement, with a potential BotW 2 release date leaking amidst other Nintendo leaks.

Well, as it turns out we might be returning to Hyrule in a different way than we expected. And it looks to be a little flooded.

Legend of Zelda Remaster Leaks

Rumors suggest that Zelda remasters will arrive on the Switch in the form of another game pack. Something similar to Mario's 3D All-Stars; a collection of three classic games for fans to revisit on the Switch. Well, this new leak could point to something similar.

It's uncommon for leaks to come directly from Nintendo. Leaks of this caliber often come from third parties and anonymous sources.

But, in this case, we're hearing it from the mouth of the company itself.

zelda wind waker remaster leak
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Nintendo has been filing trademarks in Australia recently, starting with the trademark for The Wind Waker. It was thought that this could have something to do with some Australian exclusive merchandise, but a new similar leak suggests otherwise.

The Latest Zelda Remaster Leak

Twitter user KeliosFR has discovered another leak with a similar layout, this time making reference to The Phantom Hourglass.

The Phantom Hourglass is the sequel to Wind Waker, and arrived on the Nintendo DS, making use of its touch controls. The game followed Link in the aftermath of Wind Waker, once again travelling the seas of flooded Hyrule, this time with a mysterious artefact only known as (you guessed it) the phantom hourglass.

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zelda phantom hourglass remaster leak
The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass

This means interesting things; could our Zelda equivalent of Mario's 3D All-Stars cover the trilogy started by Wind Waker? This would give new life to an old DS title. Plus, it would open the door for more similar remasters, including The Phantom Hourglass's sequel, Spirit Tracks.

Only time will tell if this is the case. But, if we see that Spirit Tracks has its own trademark made up in Australia, this rumor would be all but confirmed.

And that's not all of Nintendo's recent leaks. It looks as though Breath of the Wild 2 will be the primary launch title for the "Switch Pro".

Plus, more Nintendo game announcements could be on the way soon. More Nintendo Directs were confirmed by a recent job listing, and another leak has unveiled an entire partner showcase Direct too.

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