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Nintendo Leaks Claim Big Reveals Coming for Pokemon and Zelda Soon

Brand-new leaks from a promising Nintendo leaker claim that big reveals are coming for Pokemon, Zelda, and more.

Nintendo is a company that always likes to keep news quiet until it’s ready to release. Over the last year, the developer has been fairly hushed about its upcoming projects.

We did get a major February Nintendo Direct a couple of months back that let us in on some of the company’s future plans. However, a new leak indicates that there’s far more to be revealed.

And, ahead of Nintendo’s big E3 2021 Direct later this year, we’ve got some new leaks to discuss.

Major Nintendo Reveals Coming Ahead of E3, Leaker Claims

Samus Hunter is a reliable Nintendo leaker on Twitter, and they’re offering us another inside look into the company’s future.

Earlier today, we reported on major leaks for Nintendo’s E3 2021 plans including Splatoon, Zelda, Smash Bros., and more! And now, the same leaker is letting us in on some further information.

According to the new leak, Nintendo has some big reveals ready before E3 this year, including Pokemon and Zelda news.

animal crossings new horizons nintendo leaks
(Source: Nintendo)

On top of that, the leaker predicts news for Mario Golf: Super Rush and Miitopia will soon be dropping. The latter may even receive a demo soon.

Animal Crossing New Horizons will apparently be getting a major update, especially as the leaker reports the game’s player count is dropping. However, they’re quick to point out that the game’s regular update cycle means that the new content drop won’t be too big.

The popular Monster Hunter Rise will be getting its first major ‘2.0’ update, and a new Game Trial for Nintendo Switch Online will arrive. The leaker also believes that multiple Ace Attorney games will get announcements, for all the Phoenix Wright fans out there.

New Pokemon and Zelda Nintendo Leaks

But finally, we’re also allegedly going to get to hear more about both Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda, prior to E3.

Although Samus Hunter initially teases fans by telling us that “something related to Zelda and Pokemon” is coming, they soon elaborate slightly. According to the Nintendo leaker, Pokemon’s reveals are centered around the upcoming previously-announced games.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus
(Source: Nintendo)

That means that we could be hearing more about New Pokemon Snap, which is likely as it releases this month. But it probably refers to the upcoming Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl, or even Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

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With Zelda, the leaker claims that the news will not be “directly related” to the sequel of Breath of the Wild. Instead, perhaps we’ll hear more Zelda 35th anniversary news, like the upcoming Skyward Sword HD.

Right now, we know for a fact that Nintendo is focussing on creating brand-new game series. However, we’re not sure how soon one will be ready to show off.

In another recent reveal that might be the wildest one yet, Daft Punk might have been leaked for Splatoon 3!

And a new 4K Nintendo Switch Pro is likely still coming in 2021, according to reports. However, if this is true then Nintendo’s potential Switch parts shortage will almost certainly occur later this year.

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