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Reliable Nintendo Insider Claims Switch Pro Rumours Are True

According to Dust Golem, the Nintendo Switch Pro rumours are true, and that Nintendo really is planning an upgrade for their hit portable console.

Dusk Golem often delivers the goods when it comes to unconfirmed rumours. His track record is impressive, and his information usually contains a startling amount of detail – which is often accurate.

He usually pops up before a Resident Evil or Monster Hunter game is announced, leaking the information ahead of time. His two most recent predictions, involving Monster Hunter and the upcoming Resident Evil 8 were right on the money.

His Resident Evil 8 leak was nearly 100% accurate. The only parts that weren’t were mostly because the game is in active development, so Capcom had changed a few things.

So for this reason, our ears have prick up when he Tweets. The man himself goes by the alias @AestheticGamer1 (aka Dusk Golem) on Twitter.

The information about the frame rate of current Switch games receiving a performance boost is also rather exciting. Although this is to be expected if the Switch Pro is going to be a 4K console.

In truth, Dusk Golem hasn’t told us anything we didn’t already expect was the case. But him lending his voice to the rumours does provide some added credibility.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Rumours Keep Coming

As the rumours continue to swirl, the existence of the Nintendo Switch Pro becomes more and more likely.

We already know Nintendo isn’t planning a Nintendo Switch 2 just yet. Instead they still consider the console “halfway through its lifecycle”.

This lends more weight to the argument that the next iteration of the Switch will be an upgrade of the current form. As they have also advised developers to “prepare for 4K” too, the evidence continues to mount.

It’s still important to point out that these are only rumours at this stage and nothing has been officially confirmed. While Dusk Golem does indeed have a good track record, nothing is official.

Nintendo’s Plans Regarding The Switch Pro

While Nintendo have been fairly honest about their plans, they’ve yet to come out and formally confirm the Nintendo Switch Pro’s existence. Instead they continue to only offer teases, fanning the flames of the Nintendo Switch Pro rumours.

No doubt Nintendo has a plan to reveal the mysterious console at some point in the future. But until then we’ll need to wait and see.

There are rumours of an upcoming Nintendo Direct Event in October 2020 – but this too is still unconfirmed by Nintendo.