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Nintendo Leak Suggests a New Mario Game is Coming Soon

An NDcube hiring brochure was posted on Twitter and fans suspect another Mario Party is on the way. Or is an F-Zero reboot coming?

Nintendo subsidiary NDcube is hiring, which means new games are on the way!

Speculation about a new release started on Twitter, where a photo of NDcube's 2021 recruitment brochure caught fan attention. The brochure featured the company's popular titles (which were mostly Mario Party games) alongside a mystery game in the top right corner.

What's most notable, however, is the text that goes with it. "Let's make a new game together!" the bubble says.

Subsequently, rumors began to circulate about a 2021 release for NDcube. The most popular theory is a new Mario Party, as it's the company's best-known franchise.

However, recent speculation suggests that an F-Zero remake could be on the way.

What does new recruitment mean for NDcube? And what future releases could they have up their sleeve?

Here's what we know about other major Nintendo titles coming in 2021.

New Mario Party for Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Party | Nintendo Switch | Games | Nintendo
Source: Nintendo

Nintendo's party games are massively popular and a staple for the Mario franchise. However, NDcube's latest party release, Super Mario Party, was received as underwhelming.

Reviewers criticized the game's lack of boards and repetitive aesthetics, with some fans claiming that NDcube soured the Mario Party series altogether.

Consequently, fans took to Reddit to discuss the recruitment brochure. Most comments were less than excited about another disappointing game and called on NDcube to improve their boards, spaces, and content.

With Super Mario Party and its predecessors so infamously lackluster, it's uncertain whether a new party game will win back its fans. Lack of content is one of the worst criticisms a videogame could face.

Ultimately, if a new Mario Party is in the works, developers need to pay close attention to fan input in order to find any success.

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New F-Zero Reboot for Nintendo Switch

F-ZERO | Super Nintendo | Games | Nintendo
Source: Nintendo

Does the name F-Zero sound familiar? If you owned a SNES or a Game Boy Advance back in the day, you'll probably recognize this little racing game.

The premise is simple, yet effective. Choose your character, hop in a vehicle (or "F-Zero machine"), and beat your opponents to the finish line!

Despite its belovedness, an F-Zero reboot might seem a little unusual, considering its last international release was back in 2001. So why do fans think it'll make a return?

Recently, the producer for F-Zero GX expressed interest in releasing a new F-Zero under Nintendo. He believed the classic games were a good alternative to Mario Kart back in the 90s and early 2000s, and a remastered version would likely gain a lot of popularity.

Considering the franchise is reviewed significantly better than the recent Mario Party games, an F-Zero reboot could be what NDcube needs.

Admit it, a new F-Zero would look amazing on the screen of your Nintendo Switch - or a possible Switch Pro. Especially if the rumors of OLED screens are correct.

You can read the Reddit thread on the NDcube brochure here.

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