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Nintendo Indie World May 11 Stream – Where to Watch & Time

Nintendo has announced another Indie World stream for May 11, showcasing the latest upcoming indie games on the Nintendo Switch. Here’s where to watch it and what time it will begin!

Nintendo is a huge supporter of indie titles on their consoles, and that tradition continues with the Nintendo Switch.

Indie World, hosted by Nintendo, is a stream that highlights some exciting indie games which are releasing on the Nintendo Switch.

And, thanks to the Nintendo of America Twitter account, we know the next Indie World will arrive on May 11.

Here’s how to watch the Indie World stream, as well as what time it’s on and how long it’s expected to last.

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Nintendo Indie World May 11 – What Time Does It Start?

The Indie World stream on May 11 begins at 7 AM PT, or 10 AM ET depending on your timezone.

For those in the UK, the stream will be live from 3 PM BST. We’re hoping for lots of exciting new indie games to be announced!

The stream is expected to last roughly 20 minutes, featuring lots of information on upcoming indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch!

How to Watch the Nintendo Indie World on May 11

You can watch the Indie World stream on the Nintendo website, which leads to the YouTube live stream of the event.

If you head over to YouTube, you can set a reminder for when the event starts. This will provide you with a notification when Nintendo goes live.

Hopefully, we get some news on games like Hollow Knight Silksong, which is set to arrive later this year.

However, there will likely be some great and unique games announced with the Indie World stream.

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