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Nintendo E3 2021 Leak: Splatoon 3, Zelda Anniversary, Smash Bros & More

A new Nintendo leak claims that the company’s E3 plans involve some major projects in 2021.

It’s less than two months until E3 2021, and to say that gamers are excited is an understatement. After last year’s E3 was unable to go ahead due to the pandemic, it’s been a long wait for everyone’s favorite gaming event to return.

This year, E3 2021 will be taking place with some major changes. However, the event’s online-only plan won’t be stopping Nintendo from making some big reveals.

We already know that Nintendo intends to release a major Direct presentation for E3 2021. And now, a new leak may be hinting at what’s to come.

Nintendo E3 Direct
(Source: E3)

Nintendo’s E3 Plans Leak Ahead of Schedule

According to Nintendo leaker Samus Hunter, known for being a gaming insider, Nintendo’s E3 plans involve some of the developer’s biggest upcoming projects.

Right now, it appears that Nintendo is setting up both the aforementioned Direct and a series of Treehouse events. But on top of that, Samus Hunter had some big reveals to make.

In a new Nintendo E3 2021 leak, the user claims that the Japanese publisher is attempting to set up a series of tournaments at the event. Of course, these will be online-only events, and many of them are proving difficult to organize.

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Allegedly, we’ll know if the tournaments will be going ahead by May 6, when E3 plans are announced. In the meantime, here’s what might make an appearance at the event:

Splatoon 3

splatoon 3 new details
(Source: Nintendo)

After the Splatoon 3 reveal shocked fans everywhere in Nintendo’s February Direct, fans have been dying to hear more about the upcoming game. And it looks like E3 will be the first time we ever get to see gameplay of the long-awaited title.

Samus Hunter alleges that a Splatoon 3 World Inkling Invitational is in the works, ahead of the game’s actual release next year. If true, expect this to be an early build of the game, but new Splatoon 3 screenshots reveal that much of the title looks ready enough to play.

According to an online retailer leak, we even know when Splatoon 3’s release date should be.

Zelda’s 35th Anniversary

breath of the wild 2
(Source: Nintendo)

Earlier this year, we celebrated The Legend of Zelda’s 35th anniversary, and it couldn’t have been more disappointing. After all, Nintendo revealed a Skyward Sword HD port and pretty much left it at that.

Later on, we got new information that Zelda’s 35th anniversary celebrations are still coming. And it looks like that info is proving correct.

At least according to Samus Hunter’s Nintendo E3 leak. We imagine this will be the new Breath of the Wild 2 information that was promised for later this year.

UPDATE: The same leaker is also detailing new Zelda and Pokemon news coming BEFORE E3!

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

super smash bros ultimate
(Source: Nintendo)

The leaker also reveals that Nintendo is aiming to set up a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Open for E3 this year. Taking place in June 2021, the Smash Bros. competitive scene may get a showcase at the event once again.

But on top of that, we imagine E3’s Direct will be a great place to publically announce the next Super Smash Bros. fighter.

Although the internet is currently abuzz with the thought of Master Chief coming to Smash, 117’s not the only candidate. In fact, a new leak reveals two likely new Smash Ultimate fighters who will be revealed very soon.

Finally, the leaker also teases one last hidden extra at Nintendo’s E3 2021. In a very cryptic signoff, Samus Hunter writes:

“The train will make at least one more stop before reaching the end”

If you can’t wait for new reveals, we just got a new Nintendo Indie showcase this week! Hopefully, we’ll be seeing one of Nintendo’s upcoming new game series at E3 this year too.

Another recent leak reveals that the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro will feature 4K and DLSS. But it looks like the company may suffer from a Nintendo Switch parts shortage ahead of the upgrade’s release later this year.

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