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Nintendo Direct Rumored for October 2020, Here’s What to Expect

According to an allegedly leaked email, spotted by Twitter user tlspoon, there may be another Nintendo Direct taking place on the 8th October 2020.

The email (if it’s real) shows a list of games that Nintendo will show off. Many are games we already expected but there are a few exciting additions to the list too.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of Evil

The biggest among them being the next Zelda game. While the sequel to Breath of The Wild was announced some time ago, if this leak is to be believed then the game will be called; The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Evil.

It was expected that the next Zelda game would be a direct sequel to Breath of The Wild, and this title would indeed suggest that is the case. Zelda games aren’t usually numbered, so Breath of The Wild 2 was always an unrealistic title.

The Nintendo Direct leak suggests we’ll be getting a new teaser trailer, along with confirmation of the title and release window. Which is so far only known to be 2021, so don’t expect the game until at least mid-next year.

Breath of Evil as a title however, would communicate that this is a fresh and brand-new Zelda game. But that it exists within the Breath of The Wild ‘family’ of games.

As will the upcoming Hyrule Warriors sequel, although this will actually serve as a prequel to Breath of The Wild. This is actually a rather clever strategy by Nintendo, as it turns their most recent Zelda adventure into a trilogy.

More Titles Rumoured To Feature At Nintendo Direct In October

While you can see from the image which games are expected to be shown at the Nintendo Direct in October, one which has surprised many if the inclusion of GTA3.

It seems most likely that this is a remaster of the classic third Grand Theft Auto title. The first game to let us explore Liberty City in 3D.

Although, it could be something else altogether or a typo. While this leak seems plausible, it’s not yet 100% verified a legitimate by Nintendo.

The Return Of The Game Boy

Another intriguing entry on the Nintendo Direct email leak (see image) is ‘Nintendo Gameboy games coming to Nintendo Switch’. This suggests we’ll be getting a major update to the Virtual Console in the form of classic Game Boy emulation.

Although the email doesn’t confirm which era of Game Boy games we’ll be getting news on. It could be the original, the Colour or the Advance – or perhaps all 3.

This offers some tantalising opportunities to play classic games such as Pokémon and Mario either portably or through modern TVs.

Why A Nintendo Direct Is Well Overdue

The last full Nintendo Direct show was in September 2019, meaning it's now been a whole year since we had one. Therefore it's well overdue.

COVID-19 restrictions, not to mention the the departure of Reggie Fils-Aimé; the face of Nintendo Direct shows, has complicated matters. This cause caused Nintendo to not hold a show until they felt ready.

But holding one is also becoming crucial. Nintendo need to stay current and a Direct show will remind gamers that they are active.

Their two main rivals Sony and Microsoft are both on the cusp of releasing a new console - which the Switch will compete against. So Nintendo need to make sure the race continues to feature three horses and not just two.

The Nintendo Switch has sold incredibly well throughout 2020, so even with COVID (and no Reggie), Nintendo is in a good place.

They also have a console update on the horizon, so now really is the time to make their voices heard. There's a lot of hype about the future in the gaming community currently, Nintendo would be wise to take advantage of it.

Let's also not forget, Nintendo have a lot of games in the pipeline which their audience will want to know more about. Rather than sitting back and letting Microsoft and Sony get all the glory!

Final Thoughts

The email states “Keep in mind these are just the major things” suggesting there will be more news, albeit not as high profile. Still if the leak turns out to be genuine, the 8th of October will be an exciting day to be a Nintendo fan.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this news and bring you confirmation of its authenticity when we know.  

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