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Nintendo Direct February 2021 Predictions

Nintendo is about to hold their first Direct show in over a year. What surprises could be in store for us this evening?

After months of speculation, we finally know when Nintendo will be holding their long-overdue Nintendo Direct show – it’s tonight. Finally!

The presentation will be around 50 minutes and, according to Nintendo, will include the company’s plans for the Nintendo Switch over the next six months.

Sounds good to us, but we already know Nintendo’s plans for the next six months. In fact, their recently released 2021 schedule set out their plans for the entire year. Therefore, we expect some surprises tonight.

The 2021 schedule was pretty bare when compared to previous years. As we said at the time; it reminded us of the dying days of the Wii U. Before the Nintendo Switch breathed new life into the company.

While we’re not opposed to seeing more footage or learning more details about the already announced Nintendo games; - we’re hoping for a little more from this Direct.

Basically, sticking to the six-month rule really limits what Nintendo can talk about. So, for this presentation to be worth tuning in for, it needs to have some additional wow factor besides what we already know.

First Nintendo Direct Since 2019

It’s been a long time since the last one - and the world could really do with some exciting Nintendo news to give us all a boost. So we really hope Nintendo throws us a bone and gives us some nice surprises.

There are a few elephants in Nintendo’s room too. A week doesn’t go by without someone mentioning the Switch Pro, Breath of the Wild 2, or possible Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes.

It would be nice for Nintendo to provide some clarification or an update on each of those. While it’s unlikely that all three will appear tonight. We’re confident Nintendo will have some treats in store.

Here’s our predictions – some realistic, others more fanciful!

nintendo switch prototype leak

Breath of The Wild 2 Full Reveal

We’re feeling good about this one. While the game may be coming out during the second half of 2021, it doesn’t fit Nintendo’s “first half of the year” statement.

But this game is a big deal. The original Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild was a real system seller for Nintendo, so we expect this game to get the highest priority.

It’s also one of the most hyped upcoming Nintendo games. So we’ll be astonished if tonight comes and goes without some form of Zelda update. Especially after recent leaks potentially revealed the release date.

We’ve only seen a story trailer so far, one in which Link and Zelda are confronted by the mummified remains of Ganondorf seemingly coming back to life.

Having a more ‘human’ (or Gerudo) Ganon in BOTW2 will differ from the disembodied spirit and giant warthog from the first game. We’re also really into the idea. But most of all, we want to see some actual gameplay footage tonight.

It’s also soon to be Zelda’s 35th anniversary, and it’s about time Nintendo told us their plans for this. We know they have some.

Zelda Remasters

Sticking with the Zelda theme for a while longer, a recent leak suggested we may soon see a remaster of The Phantom Hourglass. This was a DS based sequel to Wind Waker – a Zelda game that many people would like to see come to Nintendo Switch.

Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were remastered for the Wii U, so a package containing all three games is realistic. It could also include Spirit Tracks, the next sequel.

Something similar happened to the older Mario games, so it’s entirely feasible. The big question is, will Nintendo ever update Skyward Sword for the Nintendo Switch?

Did we mention there’s a 35th anniversary coming up?

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Cover Art

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes

We expect GameFreak to release a new Pokemon game in November of 2021. All rumors point to this being a remake of Pokemon’s fourth generation of games; Diamond and Pearl.

Again, this represents a game coming out during the second half of 2021. But it’s also something Nintendo fans are clamoring to know more about.

We may not get a full reveal, but it’s entirely plausible for Nintendo to finally confirm the game’s existence in some way. Or offer some form of teaser.

There are those who suspect the game will be a fully-fledged remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, like AlphaSapphire and OmegaRuby. Or it could be a Let’s Go style remake, incorporating aspects of Pokemon Go.

The only major difference between them is how catching Pokemon in the wild works. The last Let’s Go game changed this to make it more like Pokemon Go.

Apart from that, Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee was a relatively faithful remake of Gen 1. It offered a fully 3D and explorable Kanto region, retelling Pokemon Yellow's events for a new generation.

The Let’s Go format could just be the way Pokemon remakes are going forward. Or Nintendo could take the more traditional route when it comes to the much-anticipated Gen 4 remakes.

Pokemon also celebrates its 25th anniversary this month. Surely something celebratory is in order?

Pokemon Snap

The latest Pokemon Snap game comes to Nintendo Switch on the 30th April 2021. This falls within the next six-months of Nintendo’s schedule.

Therefore, we fully expect to see this game make an appearance tonight. We’re unsure what is in store, as the game is already confirmed. But seeing some more footage of the game in action would suit us nicely.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate – New Fighters

We’re very confident about this one. After the nasty Sephiroth was added to the roster last year, we expect more fighters are coming soon.

A Nintendo Direct is a perfect time to reveal them too! A leak from last year suggests that Doomguy, Rayman, and Ryu from Ninja Gaiden are all coming, but take that with a pinch of salt.

However, we do expect Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to receive a tremendous amount of supper from Nintendo in 2021. Therefore, we imagine we’ll learn more about this tonight.

Super Mario Odyssey 2

Mario is extremely popular right now. And after the successful release of 3D World and Bowsers Fury on the Switch, now may be the perfect time to capitalize.

Nintendo can achieve this by announcing the next game tonight at their Direct presentation. It would certainly count as a surprise, but we’re not holding our breath for this.

It may be somewhat ambitious and might be something better suited for 2022. Although we’d be amazed if Mario doesn’t show up somewhere tonight.

Resident Evil Outrage (Revelations 3)

We’re on the fence about this one. According to the very reliable leaker Dusk Golem, Capcom plans to release a “timed exclusive Resident Evil game” on the Nintendo Switch in 2021.

The game could end up being called Resident Evil Outrage or Revelations 3 and will apparently star Rebecca Chambers as the protagonist.

However, old Dusky is confident that Capcom doesn’t want any attention taking away from Resident Evil Village, which releases in May. Therefore, they may hold fire on an Outrage reveal until later in the year. – Which makes sense.

It may not even release until 2022, meaning it’s unlikely to appear at this particular event. It wouldn’t fit Nintendo’s first six-month plan either.

Although Nintendo has surprised us before. They may decide to use the RE8 hype to drum up interest in this game.

Mario Kart 9

‘Nuff said. We wish we knew more. Surely this is in the works at Nintendo?

We don’t expect to see it tonight, if we’re being honest. We’ve seen no leaks or evidence that it will appear.

But it still could. Please?

Mario Kart AR Experience Super Nintendo World
Mario Kart in real life in Super Nintendo World Japan!

Bayonetta 3

Platinum Games have told us to “expect Bayonetta 3 this year” and that “updates are coming.”

This Switch exclusive could also be part of Nintendo’s six-month strategy – giving it a high chance of appearing at tonight’s Nintendo Direct presentation. Unlike some of the titles above, it appeared on Nintendo’s 2021 schedule.

We’re 50/50 about it making an appearance. It wouldn’t really be a surprise, but it would make a lot of people happy.

And if not tonight at a fully-fledged Nintendo Direct show, then when?

Monster Hunter Rise

After the trailers, the reveal, and the demo, we’re unsure what else Nintendo has to show us when it comes to Monster Hunter Rise. The game will be released on the 26th of March this year.

But we still expect to see this game in action tonight. Perhaps some online multiplayer gameplay?

Bravely Default 2

BD2 comes out in a matter of days. Its release date is the 26th of February, so we expect Nintendo will be keen to show it off tonight to shift as many copies as they can.

Like Monster Hunter Rise, there’s not much left to show us.

Metroid Prime 4

Originally announced way back in 2017, Metroid Prime 4 is still in the wind. We know it’s still in development, and Nintendo has said it’s coming this year – and that’s all we know.

It was on Nintendo’s 2021 release schedule – which is telling. It means Nintendo is getting ready to drop an update. Where better than their first Nintendo Direct show in well over a year?

We think this could be the big surprise of the evening – or at least one of them. We look forward to welcoming Samus back; it’s been way too long.


Nintendo’s Strategy Going Forward

We fully expect Nintendo to provide an update about their general plans in 2021. They recently overhauled their online infrastructure, and we anticipate that they will explain why tonight.

They clearly have big plans for online multiplayer in 2021 – and a Nintendo Direct is the perfect time to confirm their changes.

They could also tell us about their plans to bring streaming services like Netflix to the Switch, cloud gaming, and more.

But there’s one final elephant in the room…

Switch Pro Zelda Breath Of Wild 2

Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo has told us that any update to the Nintendo Switch is “a long way off” and that they are “focusing on existing models”. That’s fair enough, but industry experts suspect they are bluffing.

We also know that Nintendo has been reaching out to third-party 4K screen developers. So even if a Switch Pro isn’t coming anytime soon, we still know that Nintendo is working on it. Whatever it ends up being called, be under no illusions; the Switch Pro is real.

They could shock the world and announce the Nintendo Switch Pro tonight during their Direct presentation. Some believe that Nintendo will unveil the Switch Pro in early 2021, ready for a holiday 2021 release.

If correct, then this Nintendo Direct presentation fits with the timeline. Or Nintendo could be waiting until later in the year. Who knows, maybe they’ll skip 2021 entirely and we won’t see a hardware refresh until 2022 at the earliest.

Both eventualities are possible and plausible. We’re not ruling anything out – but also, it’s important to be realistic. Nintendo have said ‘not yet’, and they might mean it.

Speaking of hype, the Nintendo Direct presentation is still several hours away, yet over 13,000 people have already joined Nintendo’s stream in anticipation. And climbing as we speak!

Now that’s commitment!

The Nintendo Direct presentation will begin at  2pm PT, 5pm ET and 10pm GMT.

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