A new Nintendo Direct has been announced with this highly anticipated event showcasing the hottest upcoming titles for the Nintendo Switch, and leaks are already circling.

This Nintendo showcase will be live from 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 3 PM BST on June 21 and will give around 40 minutes of information over on Nintendo of America’s YouTube channel.

As the anticipation grows for this upcoming reveal, gamers worldwide are eager to know what they can expect to see.

While official confirmation has been provided regarding the inclusion of details about Pikmin 4, let’s explore the various leaks and rumors surrounding this event.

All Nintendo Direct Leaks & Rumors

New 2D Mario Game

A new 2D Super Mario game will be announced at Nintendo Direct, according to multiple sources. The first tease comes from the reliable Snitch, who tweeted an image of Mario, captioned with “Nintendo always doing their own thing” when loosely translated.

In addition, Pyoro tweeted that they would announce a 2D Mario game but clarified that the game’s title would not include the word “New.”

Super Mario RPG Remake

Super Mario RPG Remake was announced in Nintendo Direct

According to Pyoro, there is also anticipation for the upcoming Nintendo Direct to unveil a remake of a beloved SNES classic.

Speculation is rife that this highly anticipated remake might be none other than Super Mario RPG. Content creator PapaGenos has claimed to have received information suggesting that this remake is in fact based on the 1996 Mario game.

Persona 3 Reload Coming to Switch

An unlisted video trailer for Persona 3 Reload was recently uploaded on the official developers’ YouTube channel. Initially, the description mentioned the Nintendo Switch platform, but it has since been removed.

The trailer’s graphic does not feature the Nintendo Switch, suggesting that mentioning the platform may have been an error.

Nonetheless, this has got gamers anticipating that P3 Reload could be coming to the Nintendo Switch in early 2024.

Pikmin 4 Splitscreen

Pikmin 4 download cards have started appearing in Japan, including a wealth of previously unreleased information. This includes:

  • Multiplayer Split Screen
    • Player 2 supports Player 1 by shooting with a reticle
  • You can enter a house.
  • New Treasures:
    • Fidget Spinners
    • Origami
    • Beach Balls

Detective Pikachu Game

Detective Pikachu game announced at Nintendo Direct.

By tweeting a GIF of the Pokemon character, Pyoro sparked a rumor about a potential Detective Pikachu game. With just a simple tweet, Pyoro ignited fan speculation, fueling anticipation for a new Detective Pikachu game.

While it could simply be nothing, many people speculate there was a reason behind the choice of GIF.