Nintendo has confirmed that it will continue to support physical games for the foreseeable future, which will almost certainly include the Switch 2!

Over the past couple of console generations, digital games have become a lot more popular. Many gamers now prefer to purchase games digitally and download them rather than own a physical disc or cartridge.

This has led to digital-only consoles like the Xbox Series X and the PS5 Digital releasing in the past few years.

However, Nintendo won’t be leaving physical media behind, which is great news for collectors and fans alike!

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Nintendo Will Continue Physical Gaming Support

In Nintendo’s latest investor Q&A, President Shuntaro Furukawa spoke about the rise of digital purchases and Nintendo’s response to it, as well as its plans for physical games in the future.

As translated by Nintendo Wire, he said:

“As you pointed out, I think the expansion of the scale of the digital business is one of the major changes since the release of the Nintendo Switch. Our basic policy is not to simply increase the ratio of digital sales, but to maximize sales of game software, including sales of packaged software, and this policy will remain unchanged.”

This shows that Nintendo will continue selling physical games for the foreseeable future and, therefore, will almost certainly continue with physical releases for Switch 2 games.

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This statement from Furukawa also aligns with all of the substantial Switch 2 leaks so far. Not only do the leaks reveal that the Switch 2 will feature full backwards compatibility with the original Switch, but Switch 2 cartridges will be a different size.

Beyond addressing physical games, the Nintendo investor Q&A also featured plenty of exciting new information about the company’s future.

Furukawa confirmed that Nintendo will reveal its next console within the next year. Plus, it revealed that this console will be the “next model” of the Switch.

Although it isn’t all good news for Switch fans. Nintendo also implied that the Switch 2 may release later than expected!

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