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Nintendo Confirms Fan Favorite Character Is Playable in Bowser’s Fury

Nintendo has revealed more details about Bowser’s Fury on Nintendo Switch, and he won’t be the only Bowser making an appearance!

Mario fans are excited after watching the Super Mario in 3D World trailer that released yesterday, and Bowser’s Fury was a big part of that!

The standalone DLC looks like it would be more at home in the more recent Super Mario Odyssey than the older 3D World. After all, 3D World is a port of the major Mario game on Wii U.

Nintendo has described the game as a “free-roaming standalone adventure,” offering a new land to explore and other surprises. It will also feature the catsuit gameplay that 3D World was famous for.

Yet Bowser’s Fury looks incredible and many Mario fans are keen to give it a try, especially those who enjoyed 3D World the first time. But we now know more details about the game’s co-op features, most noticeably who we can play as.

New Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Switch Trailer Is Here

Bowser Jr. Will Be Playable in Bowser’s Fury

It turns out that giant furious Bowser won’t be the only member of the family appearing in Bowser’s Fury. His estranged son Bowser Jr. will also be playable, helping Mario stop his dad’s reign of terror.

Bowser Jr. can also be used as a companion, helping Mario find secrets and battle enemies. This should make 2-player co-op fresh and fun for new and older players.

Don’t forget, Nintendo has also announced a Mario-themed Nintendo Switch console to celebrate the launch of 3D World and Bowser’s Fury. And it looks incredible.

In less awesome news, Super Mario World’s opening in Japan has been delayed again, no thanks to COVID-19. But we may soon hear more news about the next entry in the Super Mario series.

We also suspect a new Nintendo Direct could be coming soon and why.


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