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NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman Lead Army of Warzone Stream Snipers

As a professional streamer, nothing makes your life harder than a stream sniper. But when you use them to your advantage, it makes for some entertaining gameplay.

Professional Twitch streamers NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman are often the targets of stream snipers. Players that aim to queue up at the same time as the popular streamers, and drop alongside them for an easy kill, stream snipers attempt to ruin a streamer’s game.

Not only do the cheating fans have an idea of where the Warzone players are dropping, but they can also see their every move. This is why many streamers run their broadcast on a small delay, to help combat the issue.

TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS stream sniper army
(Source: TimTheTatman/NICKMERCS)

But despite their attempts at fixing the problem, stream snipers are still a constant issue. An issue that NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman decided to turn into some entertaining content.

NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman’s Army of Warzone Stream Snipers

After encountering dozens of stream snipers in a recent Warzone session, the streamers had enough. This time, instead of discouraging stream sniping, the users decided to do the opposite.

Inviting all stream snipers to hop into the same match, the duo was able to create an army in Warzone. Before dropping into a new game, the streamers instructed all viewers to drop with them and head for the airport roof.

NICKMERCS TimTheTatman Warzone Army

Despite one or two trolls still attempting to kill the streamers, most users followed orders like a proper Warzone army. Following NICKMERCS into battle, the army decimates Warzone, taking down player after player.

Eventually, after a series of squad wipes, vehicle kills, and a whole lot of fun, the army numbers drop to zero. Even NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman get taken down.

And despite an army of what looked like 50-odd players, the team only places 4th. None of the players took the game seriously, however, and it’s scary to think of just what a stream sniper army could accomplish.

“I’m pretty sure that like, low-key, we could potentially… get in trouble for something like this,” NICKMERCS admits. “But on the other side, what the hell are we supposed to do when we’re getting stream sniped 24/7?”

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Even after muting audio, covering their screens during dropping in, and putting a stream delay on, players can target streamers with ease. It’s as simple as jumping in a helicopter and rushing to the streamer’s location.

NICKMERCS assures Activision that he’s not going to make a habit out of this morally-grey feature. But it still made for one entertaining video.

In the past, NICKMERCS has claimed that Warzone is dying to a hacker infestation. Things aren’t much different these days, but Activision is steadily banning those who get reported for cheating.

One streamer is even threatening to sue Activision over their ban. It seems that the publisher can’t catch a break whether they ban a user or not.

And NICKMERCS is right; his actions in the above video could well lead to him being next on the ban list.

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