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NICKMERCS Believes a Second DMR Nerf Is Coming to Warzone

The DMR 14 is Warzone’s biggest plague at the moment. Thankfully, NICKMERCS believes that a second DMR nerf is already in the works for Warzone.

In recent weeks, the DMR 14 has been completely dominant in Warzone. With insanely-quick time to kill and a major lack of recoil, there’s no other weapon capable of competing with it.

After what seemed like forever with no word from Warzone’s developers, Raven Software finally announced a nerf was coming. However, when the DMR 14 nerf finally arrived in Warzone, players were dumbfounded.

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The incredibly powerful rifle is still every bit as dominant as it previously was. Taking a look at some post-nerf DMR analysis in Warzone, we can see that the weapon is far from dead.

Thankfully, NICKMERCS believes that this isn’t the only nerf coming to Warzone’s dominant DMR 14.

Warzone’s DMR 14 Needs a Second Nerf

Although initially happy to hear that the DMR got a much-needed nerf, NICKMERCS’ reaction to the new update was clear to see.

Now, in a new video, NICKMERCS states that there’s no need for Warzone fans to worry. After all, a new DMR nerf is surely already on the way.

“Now here’s the good news!” NICKMERCS begins. “When a gun takes over Warzone, and it gets a nerf, and it doesn’t do much… history shows another nerf is coming.”

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And it seems that the professional Call of Duty player believes that the next nerf will be the last the DMR ever needs. NICKMERCS reassures Warzone fans that the upcoming nerf will crush the DMR meta completely.

Those who enjoy the DMR 14 should enjoy their final moments with it, if NICKMERCS proves correct. The streamer finishes up his intro by hoping for a brand new, more varied meta when the next nerf finally drops.

NICKMERCS recently also confirmed that he was done with Warzone tournaments until a glitch gets fixed. With players exploiting the game over Skill-Based Matchmaking, here’s how to check your own Warzone SBMM.

Right now, the DMR is still dominant in Warzone. Here’s the best DMR 14 Warzone loadout, so you can keep up with the competition.

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