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NICKMERCS Rage Quits Warzone After Being Hacked in His First Game

Even top Warzone streamers are getting fed up with the state of the game now – a cheater just made NICKMERCS rage quit in his first game of the day!

Warzone is in a bad state at the moment. Not only has the game been overrun by cheaters, but there are plenty of glitches ruining the game for players too.

While most people boot up Warzone for fun and can put down the game whenever they want, playing Warzone is a job for many streamers. This makes it a big decision to stop playing, even when they aren’t enjoying it.

However, NICKMERCS just rage quit Warzone during one of his streams, showing how serious the situation is with Warzone right now.

It’s not the only time Nick has gotten fed up with the game though. NICKMERCS quit Warzone battle royale modes for a while before eventually coming back.


NICKMERCS Quits Warzone Again Because of Hackers

In case you haven’t played Warzone for a while, there more hackers than ever before. In fact, there are so many that cheaters are now fighting each other in Warzone lobbies.

This has been causing many Warzone players to quit the game, but the problem is spreading even further than that. Now, content creators are beginning to put down the game too.

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In his latest stream, NICKMERCS had only just landed when de decided that he was done with Warzone for the day. A blatant hacker killed him before he could react, sending him to the Gulag immediately.

However, Nick was fed up with hackers and just quit out of Warzone straight away. Instead of playing Warzone, he decided that Apex Legends would be more fun.

“This game is horrible… What are we playing this for? It’s not fun.”


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While it’s almost certain that NICKMERCS will be back playing Warzone again soon, it’s worth noting that he has been playing less of it recently. Instead, he has been trying Fortnite and Apex Legends again.

NICKMERCS has already revealed the 4 changes Warzone needs in Season 5. Let’s just hope that Raven Software adds them in the upcoming update so that streamers like NICKMERCS, and all Warzone players in general, can fully enjoy the game again.

UPDATE: NICKMERCS will be quitting Warzone to play Apex Legends instead. He announced this in his latest video.

Meanwhile, NICKMERCS believes that Halo Infinite Battle Royale is a huge missed opportunity. It could have been the game to replace Warzone for many gamers.

Also, a Warzone Season 5 leak has revealed a new operator and weapon coming to Verdansk soon.

Finally, there could be a huge Warzone event soon. Leakers have uncovered that Activision will reveal Call of Duty Vanguard in Warzone this month.

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