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NICKMERCS Proves How Easy Warzone Is When He’s Not Streaming

In a new video upload, NICKMERCS proves just how easy Warzone is for the pro when he’s not streaming.

When you’re playing Warzone for a living, chances are you’re pretty good at it. It’s fair to say that NICKMERCS has played Call of Duty: Warzone for thousands of hours, and he’s clearly a top-tier player.

But when you’re tuning in to one of his streams, you’ll definitely see a few games where the Warzone pro doesn’t perform too well. In the past, NICKMERCS has talked about the effort it takes to avoid stream snipers – malicious players who try and match with streamers to grief or aid them in-game.

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And now, NICKMERCS wants us to see what the average Warzone experience is like when he’s off-stream. First thing you’ll notice: the game looks a lot easier!

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NICKMERCS Claims Warzone Is Easier Off-Stream

In a new game of Solo Buybacks, NICKMERCS proves that Warzone is easier when playing off-stream.

It’s true that Warzone streamers have a hard time just playing the game as normal, thanks to an over-eager fanbase. And in some new footage, we see exactly how much of a difference going live has on the gameplay.

“I want to show you guys the difference between me playing off-stream and on-stream…” NICKMERCS states. “When I’m on-stream, these games are not real-life man. They’re jaded, they’re different, everybody’s playing to getcha.”

In the footage below, NICKMERCS beats his all-time kill record with 31 kills in Buyback Solos. It’s clear that the streamer is having an easier time of things, and he manages to win every gunfight he enters with relative ease.

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NICKMERCS Warzone Easier Not Streaming

Of course, it’s not a complete stomp and there are a couple of close calls in there. But the game certainly looks far easier than some of the other matches we’ve seen the Twitch streamer play.

However, despite some difficulty, we’ve also seen NICKMERCS win a game with no guns in Warzone. So maybe the content creator is just a little too good at the battle royale.

But speaking of traditional battle royale, NICKMERCS is quitting Warzone BR right now – and it’s not just stream snipers that are bothering him. Recently, we saw NICKMERCS explain why there are more hackers than ever in Season 4, and why he can’t be bothered with them anymore.

And one Warzone modder is getting revenge on cheaters everywhere, by ruining their games forever!

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