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NICKMERCS Is Done With Warzone Tournaments Until This Glitch is Fixed

NICKMERCS won’t be competing in Warzone tournaments any time soon because of this glitch.

Popular YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and professional gamer NICKMERCS won’t be competing in Warzone tournaments any time soon. He announced in a new video that a specific glitch was stopping him from doing so.

Competitive players regularly use this glitch to cheat in Warzone tournaments. So it makes sense to not compete until this has been fixed.

Why NICKMERCS Won’t Compete

NICKMERCS has revealed that he won’t compete in upcoming Warzone tournaments because of a glitch that players are using to be matched against low-skilled opponents. Cheaters know how to manipulate skill-based matchmaking to get easy lobbies.

Players abuse this glitch to rack up an insane amount of kills in Warzone Kill Race tournaments. Luckily, Activision is aware of the glitch and will hopefully fix it soon so players like NICKMERCS can compete again.

He is a highly-skilled player and claims that he has never cheated in a competitive video game. However, NICKMERCS has vowed to not compete in Warzone tournaments until the cheaters are stopped.

NICKMERCS Warzone Tournaments

NICKMERCS’ Other Problems with Warzone Tournaments

NICKMERCS also went on to mention the other issues with Warzone tournaments at the moment. He said that hacking is a huge problem and even some players use hacks when competing for money.

Wallhacks, where players can see enemies through walls, and aimbots that lock onto enemies automatically are commonplace in Warzone. Activision simply has not done enough to prevent cheaters from playing Warzone.

Players use special routers that allow them to select whatever region of the world they want to play in. NICKMERCS said they can also exploit this to get easy lobbies for Warzone tournaments.


Warzone tournaments are in a bad place, but at least the DMR has finally been nerfed as part of a huge new balancing patch. However, some fans are angry and claim the gun hasn’t been nerfed at all.

Warzone players are also getting headshots from over 500m using this totally overpowered 20x scope. It’s the best long-range option in Warzone right now.

Players who prefer a more fast-paced Warzone game might want to drop into Rebirth Island instead. This fan-favorite mode has finally returned in the new playlist update.

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