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NICKMERCS Calls Halo Infinite Battle Royale Biggest Missed Opportunity

Halo Infinite is almost here, but its lack of Battle Royale is sparking criticism from streamer NICKMERCS.

One of the most anticipated games of the year, Halo Infinite is shaping up to be an incredible new entry in the long-running franchise. However, some fans believe that the game needs to adapt to the current gaming climate.

In the past, we’ve seen leaks about a Halo Infinite Battle Royale mode coming to the game. However, it seems that Infinite will be forgoing the popular last-man-standing mode, at least in the title’s launch period.

Halo Infinite Public Flighting
(Source: 343 Industries)

Halo Infinite will instead focus on the Arena combat that made the Halo franchise so beloved over the years. It’s a great move for many fans who are looking forward to jumping back into the fray.

But others are more critical of the development team’s choices.

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Halo Infinite Battle Royale

In a new Twitter rant, Twitch streamer NICKMERCS calls Halo Infinite’s lack of a Battle Royale “one of the biggest missed opportunities” he’s ever seen.

We’re yet to see exactly how Halo Infinite will perform at launch. However, the game’s free-to-play Multiplayer is certain to attract thousands of new players to the franchise.

Although many viewers today know NICKMERCS for his extensive Warzone coverage, the streamer actually built his following playing Halo and Gears of War in his early days. But it seems that the content creator may not be eager to play Halo Infinite for too long at launch.

Recently, streamer AussieAntics made a Twitter post indicating that the gaming industry is in a weird place right now. The user rightfully points out that many users are simply waiting for something to happen.

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Halo Infinite How to Unlock Yoroi Samurai Armor Season 1
(Source: 343 Industries)
343 Industries

NICKMERCS certainly seems to agree with this point, posting a gif of Master Chief from Halo as a response. But when questioned about Halo by other users, the content creator had this to say:

“Ima keep it a buck. It’s prolly gonna be hot for 2 weeks. Then fall the f*ck off. No BR, last 3 halos were low tier in comparison. We’ll see tho, honestly just excited for something new. 0 expectations.”

Of course, the Tweet above didn’t sit right with die-hard Halo fans, who began to attack Nick for his opinions. Many were quick to dismiss the streamer’s statements as being those of a ‘CoD player’, and there was more than a little name-calling going on.

Halo Infinite’s Battle Royale – One of the Biggest Missed Opportunities in Gaming?

As things got a little heated, one user went as far as to call NICKMERCS’ YouTube channel ‘obnoxious’ which clearly led to some upset on the streamer’s part.

“My “obnoxious YouTube channel” has employed 5 people & generates more than your family sees in a year, monthly”, NICKMERCS writes.

However, the streamer continues on to call Halo Infinite’s lack of a Battle Royale at launch a huge missed opportunity. And it’s clear that many users agree with him on this one.

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“Halo not having a BR on release is one of the biggest missed opportunities I’ve seen in this gaming space. Ever.”

In case you missed it, we just got a new leak for the Halo Infinite release date! Recently, Phil Spencer revealed why Halo Infinite doesn’t have a release date yet – at least officially.

The Xbox Boss also went into detail about the future of Halo Infinite in 2021 and beyond. And we’ve got new details about Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass, Seasons, Live Service, and more!

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