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NICKMERCS Shuts Down G2 Esports in Twitter Fight

After G2 Esports starts a fight on Twitter, Twitch streamer NICKMERCS shuts them down in record time.

FaZe Clan’s NICKMERCS isn’t someone you want to pick a fight with, in-game, or on social media (or in real life, we’ve seen his gym streams).

However, stirring up some drama is always a good way to grab attention online. That’s probably what G2 Esports had in mind when they decided to attack the professional streamer on Twitter yesterday.

(Source: NICKMERCS/Twitch)

Unfortunately for the competitive gaming organization, they probably should have been more careful who they were talking to.

NICKMERCS vs G2 Esports in Twitter Row

G2 Esports went after NICKMERCS in a recent Twitter post, attempting to mock the pro-gamer’s Fortnite skills.

Right now, Fortnite is as big as ever. Even Ninja has returned to Fortnite, despite claims of quitting.

And despite NICKMERCS’ soft spot for Warzone, the shooter fan used to also cover a lot of Fortnite. Today, the Twitch streamer often returns to Fortnite, as well as broadcasting Warzone and a regular gym stream.

g2 esports
(Source: G2 Esports)

And while he’s not as dominant in Epic Games’ battle royale as he is in Activision’s the FaZe Clan member is still a force to be reckoned with.

In a recent post, G2 Esports attempted to mock NICKMERCS’ skill in-game, comparing a picture of him being downed to one of G2 Coop winning a Victory Royale.

Unfortunately for the organization, NICKMERCS had a fierce comeback ready in the response.

“I get more viewers than ur entire org combined, don’t @ me cringe2,” NICKMERCS comments.

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According to Twitchtracker, the professional streamer streams to an average of around 51,658 viewers, with a peak of at least 60-70k each day. This insane stat puts NICKMERCS firmly in the top 20 Twitch streamers in terms of sheer numbers.

(Source: Epic Games)

Of course, this was all just banter from G2 Esports, whose social media presence is known for making jokes. But it’s an entertaining thing to witness, and both parties benefit from additional exposure because of it.

What’s more, G2 Esports founder CarlosR looks to have reached out to NICKMERCS personally, according to a recent tweet.

Recently, NICKMERCS had to respond to cheating allegations made against him. Being a major internet personality does come with some major challenges.

What’s more, between TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS, the Twitch streamers have their own army of stream snipers after them. But that isn’t enough to stop the streamers from not only holding their own but also crushing the competition.

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