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NICKMERCS Breaks Warzone Personal Best With New Bruen Loadout

Most Warzone players thought the Bruen meta was over long ago, but has NICKMERCS’ new loadout brought it back?

NICKMERCS has beaten his personal best kill record with a gun that most players haven’t used for a long time.

The Bruen Mk9 used to be king of Warzone. It’s assault rifle speed, LMG damage and low recoil made it the most popular weapon in the game for a while.

However, a series of nerfs made the gun a shadow of its former self. It hits less hard and the recoil kicks up a lot more.

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NICKMERCS’ Kills Record

Usually, you would see only the most powerful guns being used for a kills record. However, NICKMERCS managed a huge 39 kills using the now out-of-favor Bruen.

It’s a shame that NICKMERCS isn’t competing in tournaments anymore, with kill counts like that.

Many had preferred the Kilo or later the totally overpowered DMR, which has now been nerfed. But maybe the Bruen might be back in the meta discussion thanks to NICKMERCS.

In a squad with TimTheTatman, SypherPK & Swagg, Nick got the record by playing aggressively and hitting his shots. Having good teammates always helps, but in the second half of the match NICKMERCS was taking on squads all by himself with the Bruen.

Therefore, the Bruen proved itself to still be a top-tier gun in Warzone

NICKMERCS’ Warzone Bruen Loadout

Warzone NICKMERCS Bruen Loadout

NICKMERCS used a fairly standard Bruen loadout to secure his Warzone personal best. The monolithic suppressor kept him off of the mini-map and increased his damage range.

The 60 round mags are also vital for the fast reload time and increased mobility. Nick also used the Tac Lazer for faster ADS speed and the XRK Summit 26.8″ barrel for increased damage range, bullet velocity and recoil control.

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Finally, his optic of choice was the Corp Combat Holo Sight.

Maybe we will see more players picking up the Bruen again soon. If NICKMERCS can get his Warzone personal best with it, then why not you?

Also, Nick has faced hacking accusations. Find out how NICKMERCS responded to cheating allegations.

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