Nick Offerman, best known for his portrayal of Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation, is playing Bill in HBO’s The Last of Us TV show. Fans of the game will remember Bill as being an ally to Joel and Ellie as they search for a working vehicle in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Nick Offerman’s portrayal of Bill is likely to be a little different from the video game counterpart, however how exactly the characters will differ remains to be seen. From what early reports indicate, Bill, alongside his partner Frank, will have a full episode dedicated to him in episode 3.

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According to reviewers who have seen the show early, the episode is one of The Last of Us’ standout moments, despite it being dedicated to characters other than Joel and Ellie.

“What follows is a beautiful, exquisitely performed exploration of The Last of Us‘ central theme: that the ashes of the world are enough, as long as there is someone to live for amongst them” the BBC writes.

Who Is Bill in The Last of Us?

Bill is a survivor who has become well-adapted to the post-apocalyptic environment he lives in. He has since become an accomplished mechanic and scavenger.

The man butts heads with Ellie on multiple occasions, warning Joel that having someone to look after will get him killed.

In the past, it is shown that Joel and Tess had a smuggling arrangement with Bill, helping supply food, ammunition, and medicine into the quarantine zone. What’s more, it seems that Bill owes Joel many favors, for reasons that are never quite explained in the games.

Bill in The Last of Us

The following section will contain spoilers for The Last of Us video game. While they might not necessarily reflect what happens in the show, HBO’s adaptation is being praised for its similarity to the source material.

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What Happens to Bill in The Last of Us Game?

In The Last of Us video game, Bill, Joel, and Ellie set out to recover a car battery to fix up a vehicle. However, when taking refuge from the infected, Bill discovers the body of his partner Frank, who has committed suicide.

What Happens to Bill in The Last of Us Game

The suicide note near the body tells Bill that his former lover ‘hated his guts,’ revealing that he took off from their residence in Lincoln because he couldn’t stand living with him any longer.

His debts to Joel paid, Bill tells the protagonists to get out of his town where he remains, truly alone.

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