Pokemon GO developer Niantic is testing boosted Raid Hour events for January 2024 – here’s what you need to know!

Every week, Pokemon GO holds a Raid Hour event, where 5-Star Raids take place much more frequently. These events are perfect for players who want to farm Tier 5 Raids to get a perfect IV or shiny version of the featured Legendary Pokemon or Ultra Beast.

However, even if these events are already great for players, Niantic is testing buffed Raid Hours this month!

Pokemon GO Together We Raid

Boosted Raid Hour Testing Details

The Niantic Support account on X (formerly Twitter) has announced that the developer will be doubling the number of Raid Battles per Gym during all five of the January 2024 Raid Hours.

However, this change will not be global. Instead, it will be rolled out in select locations across the world.

Niantic has not specified which places will have boosted Raid Hours in Pokemon GO and how many areas will have this test. Despite this, the developer announcing this test to the Pokemon GO Community indicates that it should be pretty widespread.

Hopefully, this test proves successful and Pokemon GO Raid Hours permanently get double Raid Battle frequency in the future. This would be great for players who can’t travel far to fight in Raids, as well as other trainers who don’t want to use as many Remote Raid Passes.

In the meantime, keep an eye out during the upcoming Raid Hours. If you’re in an area where they’re testing this change, share your feedback with the Pokemon GO Community!

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