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Next Pokemon Unite Character Leaked in Data Mine – Tsareena

A huge new leak could have revealed that grass-type Tsareena is the next ‘Mon joining the battle in Pokemon Unite!

Pokemon Unite already has a diverse roster of characters to pick from, but there are always more that can join the battle. After all, there are hundreds of different Pokemon!

So far, players have been treated to plenty of new characters in Pokemon Unite including fan favorites like Blastoise, Blissey, and Sylveon as well as more left-field choices like Greedent.

It looks like the next unannounced Pokemon coming to the game will be another niche pick – all the signs are pointing towards Tsareena.

But first, check out the trailer and release date for upcoming attacker Decidueye in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite Tsareena
The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Unite Datamine Leak Reveals Tsareena Release Date & Possible Christmas Event

While players are still waiting for the long-rumored Decidueye to arrive in Pokemon Unite, they now have another character to look forward to.

A new datamine shared on the Pokemon Unite subreddit has revealed the next Pokemon after Deciduye coming to the game. And it is an interesting pick.

A new banner image found within the Pokemon Unite game files shows the plantlike Tsareena. Players are taking this to mean that she will be coming to Pokemon Unite soon, however, the developers have not confirmed this yet.

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Pokemon Unite Tsareena Datamine

Tsareena may not be quite as popular as Decidueye, but it is nice to see some niche Pokemon getting added to the game. This includes another leaked Pokemon we haven’t seen yet.

Additionally, players believe that Tsareena could release in Pokemon Unite on December 9 as part of an event. The original poster claims that she “may be free or part of an event”.

If this was an event Pokemon, then it would surely be for a Christmas or festive event. This could work like how players could unlock Greedent for free at Halloween.

Hopefully, Pokemon Unite announces Tsareena soon and confirms this leak. If not, then we know another character announcement should be coming very soon.

Also, we wonder where Tsareena would place in our latest Pokemon Unite Tier List.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Unite players have had to change up their tactics recently. This is thanks to a huge nerf to Zapdos and Drednaw.

This, combined with the previous game-changing buff to Rotom has meant many players have totally changed up their strategy.

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