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New Yoru Technique Will Help You Win in Valorant

When you know how to use Yoru's abilities correctly, you'll be able to get that Valorant win with ease.

Valorant is a round-based game of attacking and defending, where one team attempts to plant and detonate the Spike in several locations. However, there's only one Spike per round, and if you die with it, it'll drop at your feet.

So how do you win a round when every member of the opposing team knows where you need to go?

Valorant Yoru Win Valorant
(Source: Riot Games)

Simple. By making use of new Valorant Agent Yoru's signature abilities. Not only can Yoru teleport to the enemy spawn with ease in Valorant, but he's also more than capable of turning a loss into a win.

It's no wonder that the Valorant community thinks Yoru might be overpowered.

How to Recover the Spike in Valorant

When it comes to grabbing the Spike under the watchful eyes of the enemy team, there's no better Agent to have on your side than Yoru.

As it turns out, not only can Yoru players make use of the best blind in the game, but you'll only need a single ability to regain control.

By popping Yoru's ultimate, Dimensional Drift, players can step into another dimension temporarily. In here, you are both invisible and invulnerable.

yoru valorant chapter 2
(Source: Riot Games)

Of course, as a trade-off, you can't shoot or use abilities with drifting. But there's one thing you certainly can accomplish.

Not only can Yoru players scout out the plant site, but they can also grab the Spike with 100% security. Enemies may notice the Spike disappearing, but there's nothing they can do to stop you from walking away with the objective.

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From here, simply head to another site, or just bring the Spike under your control for another push.

valorant yoru win valorant
(Source: Riot Games)

Of course, if the enemies don't notice that the Spike is missing right away, you can also take advantage of your new insider knowledge regarding their positioning.

This new info comes courtesy of Reddit user seaskyways who shared a PSA on the Valorant subreddit. Make use of this Yoru technique, and you'll be able to win your Valorant rounds without stress.

Despite the Agent being a force to be reckoned with, Valorant's Yoru is already getting a buff in the next patch. Meanwhile, it appears that Omen's secret nerf may be reversing in the next Valorant update.

Right now, Valorant players are expressing their distaste with the new Ranked system. That would probably help explain why so many players are leaving Valorant matches mid-game.

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