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New Xbox Series X Technology Boosts Older Games Performance

Older games on the Xbox Series X are about to get a performance update thanks to new FPS boost technology.

While immensely popular in its own right, the Xbox Series X has had stiff competition from Sony’s PS5 since they both released in November. The PS5 has arguably won every battle so far.

When it comes to sales, popularity of the controller, and even 4K movie playback, PS5 has pipped its competitor to the post each time. But the Xbox Series X may be about to score a significant win when it comes to updating older games.

The Xbox One also had the PS4’s number when it came to backwards compatibility. Their efforts to bring Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One were greatly appreciated by fans.

Sony is taking backwards compatibility much more seriously with the PS5, with most PS4 games playable on the new hardware. Many of them are also getting an upgrade, God of War (2018) being the latest.

We expect Sony will upgrade more PS4 games as time goes on. But Microsoft has also been busy doing the exact same thing to Xbox One games.

Many older Xbox games are also receiving the upgrade treatment. Be they Xbox One or 360 games, and Microsoft’s latest move could make the Xbox Series X the undisputed champion of backwards compatibility.

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Introducing Xbox Series X FPS Boost Technology

Microsoft’s latest innovation gives older Xbox games a serious frame-rate boost when played on the Series X. The FPS Boost tech allows Xbox One games to run twice, three times, or even four times the frame rate that they originally did.

This will help many Xbox One games look like Series X games when played through the newer hardware. It also leaves the Xbox One X’s 4K/Hz capabilities in the dust.

In truth, it’s the same principle Sony is applying to their own back library. But if Microsoft can use this technology to expedite this process, then they’ll beat PlayStation at backwards compatibility for two generations in a row.

So far, Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs 2, UFC 4, Sniper Elite 4, and New Super Lucky's Tale have received the update. But more will soon.

We’re interested to see how each title performs and will likely bring you our thoughts on this new FPS boost technology soon. – As well as how it compares to Sony’s efforts on the PS5.

More games are also coming to Xbox Game Pass this month – find out which ones here.

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