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New WW2 Warzone Map Coming This Year With Call Of Duty: Vanguard

A new Warzone map set in WW2 is coming this year!

Warzone’s Verdansk is one of the all-time great battle royale maps. However, even after the Verdansk ’84 refresh, many players have grown tired of it.

Luckily for Warzone fans though, a huge new WW2-themed map is on the way and it promises to be bigger and more ambitious than Verdansk.


New Pacific World War II Warzone Map

In case you missed it, the next Call of Duty game is taking players back to World War II. This will also usher in a load of WW2-themed content into the battle royale game.

A new report by VGC claims that the WW2-themed Warzone map will take place in the Pacific theatre of WW2 and will be ” the series’ largest and most ambitious to date”.

This follows previous leaks revealing that a Warzone map set during WW2 was in development.

Additionally, loads of new vehicles will be added to Warzone to traverse the huge map and there will be some updates to the game’s technology too. This is thanks to Call of Duty: Vanguard running on the Modern Warfare engine.

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Warzone WW2 Map

New Map Release Date

The new WW2 Warzone map will supposedly launch alongside Call of Duty: Vanguard. VGC reports that the game is on track for a November release date, despite Call of Duty: Vanguard’s development being a “disaster”.

Therefore, players can expect the new WW2-themed Warzone map to arrive in November, alongside Vanguard.

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Are you excited for Warzone to take a trip back in time once more or do you prefer modern shooters?

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Warzone Title Screen

Meanwhile, Activision is investing more resources into Warzone anti-cheat. Hopefully, the new map will be free of hackers.

Finally, find out how to watch the world premiere of Warzone Season 4. There might even be a few hints at the long-term future of Warzone too.

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Tuesday 10th of August 2021

Activision makes multi-millions of dollars off of us gamers/streamers yet they say "it's too expensive" to make an anti-cheat for warzone? Hence why people are leaving in droves to other games!

this is dumb

Wednesday 9th of June 2021

this is dumb