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Player Sets New World Record on Modern Warfare St. Petrograd Parkour Trial

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Modern Warfare trials are an excellent way to earn XP, but also bragging rights above others. One of the trials takes place on the St. Petrograd map, and one player has recently set a new world record for it.

There are numerous trials you can participate in. The first is called Gun Course, where the objective is to complete the course in as little time as possible. On the next, Behind Enemy Lines, you’ll need to eliminate all hostiles in a particular area as soon as possible. Lastly, in the Marksman Challenge, the goal is to shoot at long-distance targets, so accuracy is of the essence.

Modern Warfare St. Petrograd Trial Record

Over on Reddit, user ‘ccccc’ completed the trial in an impressive 35.3 seconds. In order to complete the trial, you must complete 18 different checkpoints. You can watch the video for yourself below.

NEW World Record On St. Petrograd Parkour Trial (35.3) from r/modernwarfare

This new record beats the previous one by approximately 0.5 seconds.

St. Petrograd Parkour Trial World Record (35.8) PC from r/modernwarfare

How to Get Trial Tickets MW

Wondering how to get trial tickets in Modern Warfare? To begin with, you’ll need to make it to the officer ranks, which anything above level 55. You will earn Modern Warfare trial tickets as you level up, but any you’ve already earned can still be used.

Every ticket provides three trial attempts. The ultimate goal is to receive three stars, which will grant you more XP. It’s important to note that these trials rotate every so often, so you’ll want to spend any tickets you can.

Modern Warfare Trial Rewards

The MW trial rewards have been featured below.

  • 0 Stars: 0 XP
  • 1 Star: 5000 XP
  • 2 Stars: 7500 XP
  • 3 Stars: 10000 XP

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