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New World: How To Take Over a Territory

As players level up in New World, they will frequently look at the map and see the various territories they can visit and explore. However, the boldest are asking themselves. How can their company take over a territory?

If you’re new to New World and looking to conquer the land, you’ll need to learn how to take over a nearby territory.

Recently, New World made changes to server queues to ensure that more players than ever can jump on board Amazon’s new MMO.

Here’s how to check New World’s queue time list and see which lobby is best for you.

How to Take Over a Territory in New World

To take over a territory in New World, you will have to join a faction. The three factions are constantly striving for dominance over the map.

To start a territory war, you must first weaken a territory to the point where it can have war declared on it. For this to happen, members of your faction must undermine a territory by completing PvP faction missions in that region.

You can find PvP missions at your territory’s settlement faction NPC.

Unfortunately, members of the opposing faction will take this time to complete faction missions themselves, reinforcing their influence on the territory.

After a territory becomes vulnerable, all companies of the undermining faction can declare war on the territory. The game will randomly choose a company to be the vanguard.

The vanguard will lead the attacking forces and must choose players to fight in the war.

If you want to play with your friends in a New World territory war, you must all be a part of the same faction.

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How Does Territory War Work In New World?

After the war is declared, a time and date will be set for the war.

In a war, the attackers have the goal of taking over the territory fort. To do this, they must take all three control points. This will allow them to damage the gates.

After destroying the gates, attackers must take the control point in the fort. Defenders must defend the point for 30 minutes.

As the battle rages on, there will be longer and longer respawn waves. As players are killed, they will respawn in the next respawn wave. If attackers take the point, they win the war. If defenders hold the point they win.

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The company that captures the territory appoints a governor to the territory. The Governor acts as a proxy leader and can set taxes and determine active town projects.

All territories except for three are capturable. The three you can’t capture are Edengrove, Great Cleave, and shattered Mountain.

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