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New Weapon Leaked For Modern Warfare and Warzone

Ahead of the merge with Cold War, a classic Black Ops weapon has been found in Modern Warfare’s game files. Now, the gun’s release could be just around the corner.

Whenever a new weapon releases for Modern Warfare and Warzone, players are quick to test it out. With every gun impacting the game’s meta, it’s important to know what you’re up against.

This new leaked weapon may be turning heads, but not necessarily due to its power. It appears that Modern Warfare and Warzone are about to get a new update, and it’s bringing with it a fan-favorite sidearm.

modern warfare
(Source: Activision)

Interestingly, this weapon first made its debut in the original Black Ops title. This could indicate that Warzone is about to get the long-awaited Cold War update, with new Black Ops weaponry.

However, the weapon was actually discovered in the Modern Warfare game files specifically.

Modern Warfare & Warzone’s New Weapon

The leaked weapon is none other than the Makarov, a pistol that was a popular choice in Call of Duty: Black Ops. The Russian sidearm may have had a small magazine capacity, but it could deliver quick kills at short range.

It’s not the most exciting weapon to be coming to the game if the Makarov is returning as we remember it. But hopefully, Infinity Ward will make a few tweaks to the gun’s utility.

Makarov leaked new weapon
(Source: YouTube)

One popular loadout saw players utilizing dual wield with the gun, though whether that is making its return is unclear. The weapon has been missing in action since Black Ops 2, so it’s an interesting choice for a revival.

The weapon’s leak came from players in Modern Warfare, spotting an untextured model dropping from enemies. Online users quickly identified the gun as the Makarov, despite the model not yet appearing in-game.

The Makarov is even usable by players, but it’s clear that the weapon is lacking more than just texture. Right now, the gun’s name is the Renetti, but its model suggests otherwise.

As for when the Makarov will be available in-game, we can’t be sure just yet. It’s possible that it could come as part of Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 7, which will probably launch later this month.

Alternatively, it could come with Cold War’s integration with Warzone, which is likely dropping even sooner than the new season. Given that some fans believe Black Ops Cold War is a downgrade from Modern Warfare, perhaps it’s for the best that the new game’s weapons are coming to the older title.