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New Warzone Wall Glitch Lets Players Hide Inside Roof of Buildings

Warzone players have now found a new wall glitch that lets them get inside of the roof of buildings in Verdansk.

Becoming both invisible and invincible is a major problem for any competitive shooter. It’s also very frustrating for players who encounter enemies using exploits like this.

Check out this new wall glitch in Warzone which lets players get into a roof!

Warzone Train Station

New Warzone Wall Glitch

Clipping into walls is nothing new for Warzone. Players have used various methods to get inside the garages dotted across Verdansk ever since the game launched.

Meanwhile, other players have managed the same sort of thing on Rebirth Island, where they glitched into both walls and also the base of certain buildings on the map.

However, players have found a new way of exploiting wall glitches in Warzone. This lets them clip into the roof of buildings.

Redditor Xander2299 shared a clip of his squad being team wiped by an opposing player who was hiding inside the roof of a building in Verdansk.

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Warzone Prison

The building in question is one of the most common in Verdansk. The steep and narrow staircases leading up to the top floor already make it a prime spot for sneaky campers wearing the invisible Roze skin to hide, so having this building full of wall-glitchers could make this type of building a total no-go area.

It is not known how the player managed to clip into the roof of the building though. Previous wall glitches in Warzone have involved using an ATV to clip into the walls, but there’s no way of getting one to the top floor.

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Hopefully, more players won’t work out how to do this glitch and, also, Warzone developer Raven will patch this out. The next upcoming update for Warzone is Season 2 Reloaded, which some Cold War players can already download.

Meanwhile, a pro Warzone player has complained that the TTK has more than halved since the game launched. This is a major problem for Warzone and certainly worse than wall glitches.

Also, a new leak could have hinted at the next operator coming to Warzone and Cold War. He’s very familiar to fans of the Black Ops Series.

Finally, Call of Duty WWII: Vanguard, the next COD title, will apparently run on the Modern Warfare 2019 engine.

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