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New Warzone Technique Lets Players Survive Finishing Moves

In what might be the strangest bug we’ve seen in Warzone, players can survive a Finishing Move in the battle royale.

Warzone is such a large-scale game that anything seems possible in it. So it’s almost not surprising that to hear that Finishing Moves can be survived with the correct technique.

This is almost certainly due to a bug, and it’s important to note that you can’t survive ALL Finishing Moves in Warzone. For example, you won’t be stopping the new Plaguehound Warzone finisher which bites your head off completely.

warzone finishing move
(Source: Activision)

However, with careful use of Warzone’s Thowing Knife, you can avoid Finishing Moves and actually kill your opponent in the process.

And this isn’t even the only insane Throwing Knife trick in Warzone at the minute!

How to Survive Finishing Moves in Warzone

To survive a Finishing Move in Warzone, you’ll need to make use of the Throwing Knife Lethal Equipment.

As it turns out, you can ready your Throwing Knife using the Lethal button, and release it even while being executed. Doing so will launch the blade directly forward, and it’s even possible to secure a kill.

Speaking of launching a blade forward, the Ballistic Knife and these other weapons are returning in Warzone Season 3!

YouTuber Jackfrags shows off this new trick in action, revealing that you can reverse certain Finishing Moves completely. Provided that the execution turns your character without killing them, you’ll be able to release your Throwing Knife for a quick kill before being finished.

However, since you need to be readying your throw before the Finishing Move begins, this is a highly situational trick. But if you want the ultimate disrespect in Warzone, simply get the knife ready when you think someone is about to attempt a Finishing Move from behind.

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However, even if a player does go for the execute, you’ve got to hope that they’ve got an acceptable Finishing Move ready. Jackfrags also reveals a few more intriguing and situational Warzone tricks in the video below!

Personally, we think you’d be better countering an assassination attempt with Warzone’s insane new one-shot shotgun loadout. But it’s hard to compete with the style of the Throwing Knife trick.

In case you missed it, Warzone is finally teasing its Nuke event in-game now. But once that explosion goes off, we’re not leaving Verdansk just yet.

After all, new leaks reveal that we aren’t changing Warzone map until Season 4 – disappointing players everywhere. What’s more, we’ve got information about the new POIs coming to the 1980s Verdansk map.

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