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New Warzone Teaser Hints at Zombies Spreading To Hospital Soon

Warzone's zombies are on the move next and this hint shows that Hospital could be the next place infested with undead.

In case you missed it, zombies are taking over Verdansk. The start of Season 2 brought a horde of the undead in the new Shipwreck POI.

However, they have now begun to spread across Verdansk and Activision has teased where they could go next.

warzone verdansk zombies

Warzone Zombies Hospital Teaser

Some Call of Duty content creators have been sent packages from Activision hinting at the next location the zombies will go to in Warzone - Hospital.

Last week, a similar package was sent out hinting that Prison was the next POI being infested with zombies, and sure enough, it happened.

We theorized that the zombies would spread to Port or Farmland next, however this hint points at a location much further away.

Activision has sent some content creators what seems to be a scrub top from Verdansk Central Hospital. The package also comes with a sinister message which hints that zombies could be on the way to Hospital in Warzone. It says:

"The latest Diagnosis? It's looking grim in Verdansk. Escape while you still can. I'd say 'take two of these and I'll see you in the morning.' But you won't last until morning. "

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Surely this means that the Warzone zombies are headed to Hospital, where players have already found a zombies Trial machine before. However, this could also hint at the upcoming end of Verdansk.
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Will Zombies Cause the End of Verdansk?

The message hints at more than just zombies coming to Hospital in Warzone. The message instructing players to "escape" Verdansk could also hint towards the leaked Plague mode which involves saving Verdansk from a horde of undead.

Players may also want to escape because of the upcoming nuke event. Black Ops Cold War voice lines have revealed that a nuke may be coming to Warzone.

Warzone Skydive

Meanwhile, these players have been able to play as unreleased operator Soap MacTavish. Players have been waiting for Soap to be in Warzone for ages.

Also, Warzone players are demanding for Raven to make these huge changes. The game would be way more enjoyable with these features.

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