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New Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass Trailer Reveals Godzilla & King Kong Gameplay

The newest Warzone Season 3 Classified Arms Battle Pass Trailer has given us our first look into what Caldera will look like with Godzilla and King Kong running amok.

Call of Duty has seen better days. Since its release, Warzone players have been very critical of Caldera.

But it looks like Activision is ready to implement some significant changes. Warzone Pacific Season 3 “Classified Arms” will introduce players to Operation Monarch.

Operation Monarch will bring Godzilla & King Kong to the island for an event on a scale we’ve never seen before in Warzone.

And the latest trailer has finally given us our first look at Operation Monarch.

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Call of Duty Battle Pass Season 3 Classified

New Warzone Pacific Season 3 Operation Monarch Gameplay

The newest Warzone Pacific Season 3 Classified Arms Battle Pass trailer reveals new skins coming to Call of Duty and gameplay of Godzilla and King Kong on Caldera.

Players are finally getting a glimpse of what to expect from Warzone Pacific Season 3 “Classified Arms.”

Warzone has struggled these past few months, but Season 3 “Classified” looks to completely change the Caldera dynamic.

Call of Duty has been teasing a massive event featuring Godzilla and King Kong for weeks. Recently, it was revealed to be Operation Monarch, an event that will seemingly shape Warzone Season 3.

And now we finally have a trailer for how Caldera and its new points of interest will play out in Season 3.

Despite these significant changes, many players are still asking Verdansk to return. But with how many resources Call of Duty has been using on Caldera, that seemed very unlikely.

But recently, an Activision employee hinted at a possible Verdansk return in 2023. However, Activision has yet to confirm anything of the sort.

For now, hopefully, Warzone Season 3 Classified is enough to breathe new life into Caldera.

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