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New Warzone Riot Shield Glitch Makes Players Invincible

A strange new Riot Shield glitch in Warzone is making players who use it completely invincible, but only after a very specific event happens.

Warzone has started to get a reputation for being a game with many glitches. No matter how hard Raven Software works on fixing all of the bugs in the game, players always seem to find something new.

Now, one of the strangest and most powerful Warzone glitches ever has been found and it makes players using a Riot Shield totally invincible.

It’s not as bad as the ‘God Mode’ hack that Warzone cheaters have been using, but it’s still extremely frustrating.

Warzone Riot Shield

Can’t Kill Players Using a Riot Shield in Warzone?

There are more cheaters in Warzone than ever at the moment with hackers teleporting around the map as well as driving deadly flying motorbikes. However, this brand-new problem is a glitch, rather than a hack.

In a new clip on the game’s Subreddit, Warzone player LordTexugo was using a Riot Shield in the brand-new Clash 50v50 game mode. Then, he was shot by an enemy using the Combat Bow Killstreak and something strange happened.

After being hit by the explosive arrow he was left with no health. However, this explosion also left him totally invincible.

Not only is the Combat Bow insanely powerful against vehicles, but it can also make turn Riot Shield users into unkillable super soldiers!

Riot Shield Warzone

New Warzone Invincibility Glitch

Players tried shooting, punching, and even running over LordTexugo with a car, but nothing worked. Even going into the gas didn’t kill him.

Luckily, this isn’t a glitch that will happen very often because it requires a player with a Combat Bow to shoot an opposing Riot Shield user. However, it is the second time recently that players have found a terrible glitch with the Shield.

Previously, players could equip two Riot Shields in Warzone to become bulletproof.

Let’s hope that Raven Software issues a fix to this glitch soon. Otherwise, the Riot Shield problems may never end!

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Meanwhile, players will be hoping that Raven fixes most of the glitches in Warzone before the new map arrives. Check out the latest Warzone Pacific map details.

Additionally, a leak has revealed information about the upcoming Warzone Pacific map reveal event. This will be everyone’s first proper look at the new location.

Finally, one for all you Riot Shield fans. A leak has revealed that the Riot Shield will be returning in Call of Duty Vanguard.

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