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New Warzone Rebirth Island Night Images Leak Online

It looks like Warzone’s Rebirth Island map is getting a night variant, with new images of the area leaking online.

Rebirth Island may not have been the new Warzone map that many were wanting, but it’s still become something of a fan favorite. Thanks to the fast-paced Resurgence mode, Rebirth Island is the place to go for short but sweet Warzone matches.

And now, it looks as though Raven Software is giving us a new way to enjoy Rebirth Island – as long as you’re not scared of the dark. Right now, it looks as though many Warzone players are enjoying a new Easter Egg hunt in Verdansk.

warzone rebirth island night time map
(Source: Activision)

Meanwhile, an 80’s version of Verdansk is just around the corner. But before it arrives, players will likely be able to enjoy Warzone’s new Rebirth Island night map.

Rebirth Island Night Map Leak for Warzone

If you’re hoping that Raven Software would add a night variant for Rebirth Island this Halloween, it seems as though you may not have to wait that long.

After the success of Verdansk’s Halloween event last year, it looks like Rebirth Island will be the next map to get a nighttime variant. This comes after multiple dataminers spotted an unusual name in the game’s files.

Despite Rebirth Island’s night map being hinted at in the past, now a new ‘Rebirth Resurgence (Night)’ playlist is officially in the files for all to see. Because of this, it’s likely that the new map isn’t too long away from dropping.

Interestingly, it looks like the new game mode is hinting at something else coming in the future. When loading in, the following messages appear in the bottom left corner of your screen:

“Sanctuary, Operation: Rebirth, Year 2021, T-5:00 until Containment Protocol”

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Fans believe that this could be related to the unpopular ongoing Warzone zombie invasion. However, it could also be referencing the incoming missiles that are flying over Verdansk.

Take a look at some of the leaked night Rebirth Island images below:

There’s also the leaked Plague Mode event for Warzone which looks to have been delayed from its initial release date.

(Source: VanguardINTEL)

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