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New Warzone Perks, High Alert Buff & Dead Silence Nerf Coming Soon

Warzone is getting two new perks soon, along with a shakeup of High Alert too!

Perks are an underrated part of every Warzone loadout. Giving players additional abilities, they can often be the difference between life and death.

However, there is very little variety in the perks players use right now. For the first Perk, players always pick E.O.D or Double Time, the second is basically a choice between Ghost or Overkill, while Amped is by far the most popular third Perk.

Luckily, Warzone developer Raven Software will be shaking up the meta soon with some new Warzone Perks.

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New Warzone Perks Coming in Season 4 Reloaded

Players have been desperate for a Warzone Perks system rework for ages now. Although, it finally looks like Raven has got around to putting it in the game.

Hidden away in the Warzone Season 4 Reloaded patch notes, is a hint of what is happening to the perk system in Warzone. Raven has announced some new perks are on the way, by saying:

“We are excited to share that we are planning the debut of two new Warzone-specific Perks. Alongside them, High Alert will also be receiving an update that allows players to hear Dead Silent footsteps.”

Raven Software

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Warzone New POI Nakatomi Plaza

Raven has not revealed what these perks will be yet, but let’s hope that they add some more variety to the game.

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Additionally, Raven will change the High Alert Perk to combat the pesky Dead Silence Field Upgrade. Being able to hear players using Dead Silence will make High Alert much more powerful, and a good Perk option.

In the patch notes, Raven also hinted that an exciting new weapon will finally arrive in Warzone soon.

What are you hoping for from the new Warzone perks? Let’s hope they arrive in an update very soon.


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