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New Warzone Pacific Map Images – Caldera Calling Cards Leaked

The new Warzone Pacific map, Caldera, has had its fair share of leaks already. Check out all the new map images recently added to the game.

Call of Duty fans and players keep getting spoiled with regular updates to their favorite titles with plenty of new maps and weapons brought into play.

Activision is already planning to release the Warzone Christmas special Operator for the game and December has not even started!

And to add a cherry on top, Warzone has added teaser images of the new Caldera map in-game, with only two weeks before the map’s release date.

But first, if you can’t wait to explore the new Caldera map, find out how to get early access to the new Warzone Pacific map.

leaked images caldera map

Warzone Pacific Map Caldera New Images Leaked

With the new Pacific map releasing soon, players still don’t know much about this exciting new vibrant location.

Fortunately, ‘KRNG ProReborn’ took to Twitter to share some images of the map, added in-game in the form of calling cards.

“There appears to be some teaser (or maybe unintended) calling cards currently in Warzone, that showcase some teasers for locations on the new Pacific map, Caldera.”

The Calling Cards featured are as follows:

  • Home in Paradise
  • Hospitable Resort
  • Marina Street
  • Treasure the Scenery

The Pacific map appears to be a diverse map with varying topography. It is also similar to the vibrant color scheme found in Apex Legends. Thus, making the fans of the game want to drop into the map as soon as possible.

Earlier this month, Caldera’s Points of Interest and locations were revealed during the Call of Duty Vanguard launch live stream.

Also, according to the rumors, players could be seeing Captain America and Indiana Jones Operator skins in Warzone soon.

Finally, players are concerned about the Warzone’s new Pacific map having some serious problems.

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