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New Warzone Pacific Horizon Airlines Entry Vehicle Teased for Caldera

Call of Duty fans received plenty of exciting new information about the Warzone Pacific update. And it includes a brand new entry vehicle in Caldera.

It hasn’t even been a month since Call of Duty Vanguard’s launch. And we are already seeing new developments for the upcoming Warzone Pacific Season 1.

Earlier today, Activision released a brand new image of the Warzone Pacific map Caldera locations and points of interest.

After a few hours, much to the surprise of the Call of Duty fans, Activision released an entire pre-launch trailer. The trailer included a number of new features. This includes a brand new entry vehicle under Pacific Horizon Airlines in Caldera.

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warzone pacific caldera entry vehicle

Caldera Start of the Match Entry Vehicle

Leading up to the update, Activision revealed a stunning Warzone Pacific trailer showcasing the beautiful map Caldera. And from the looks of it, there’s a new entry airplane in Caldera.

Warzone players are used to jumping out of the classic gray-colored airplane while the match begins. As shown in the trailer, the new entry vehicle in Caldera has the same base color scheme.

Additionally, the plane has yellow stripes along with yellow-colored propellor fans. This simple addition keeps the tropical theme of the map in check.

The trailer also revealed a disclaimer issued by Pacific Horizon Airlines, freeing them of any responsibility in case things don’t go as planned.

As soon as the trailer went live, Activision’s Community Manager ‘Dex‘ packed their bags to board Pacific Horizon Airlines.

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On top of this, Activision is also ensuring Call of Duty players don’t have to deal with cheaters for long. Recently, Activision shut down one of the top Warzone cheat providers.

Further, the Warzone Pacific Season 1 will be released on a new date.

entry vehicle caldera airplane

Finally, make sure to check out all the Warzone Pacific Caldera changes. This includes a ton of gameplay changes and additional information.

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