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New Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Images Possibly Found in Vanguard

The season of giving is upon us and fans of the Call of Duty series have another set of Warzone Pacific Caldera map images.

There’s a lot of buzz in the Call of Duty community about the upcoming Warzone Pacific map. While the players are loving the Operation Flashback limited-time game mode, the Caldera map has been the center of attention.

Also, by the looks of it, Activision is not done giving yet! One big cheat provider has been shut down by Activision. It is evident that Activision is attempting to remove cheaters from the Call of Duty titles.

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warzone pacific caldera map images

Caldera Warzone Pacific Map Possibly in Vanguard Already

Earlier this week, players got more glimpses of the Warzone Pacific map Caldera with the Caldera calling cards added to the game. But now it appears that the entire map is already in Vanguard.

Twitter user @trap514mtl shared some possible images of the upcoming Warzone Pacific Caldera map. However, if these images are legitimate, they’re not exactly what fans were expecting.

The map looks like a rendition of a PlayStation 2 version of Warzone. However, many fans are arguing that it’s likely a “textures only” version of the Caldera map.

With these latest images, one thing is for sure that the map is big and vibrant, unlike the gloomy and outdated Verdansk. As usual, the fans of the Call of Duty series have high expectations for the upcoming release.

But the fans and players will have to wait a bit longer to jump into the map. Sadly, the Warzone Pacific map Caldera just got a new delayed release date.

Activision is also planning to release the Warzone and Vanguard Krampus Operator skin for the Christmas event very soon.

Finally, if you’re curious about the upcoming Operators then make sure to check out the huge Vanguard and Warzone Operators leak.

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