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New Warzone Meta SMG Loadout Revealed By JGOD

Has JGOD revealed the new meta SMG in Warzone?

Since the MAC-10 got nerfed as part of a huge balancing update, players have been trying to find the most powerful SMG in Warzone.

Many players have gone back to the Modern Warfare MP5, while others have started using the new Cold War MP5. However, an unexpected gun could be the next meta SMG in Warzone.

In a new video, YouTuber JGOD has revealed a previously overlooked SMG may be way more powerful than initially thought.

However, if sniping is more your thing, then be sure to check out the best loadout for Warzone Season 1.

Warzone’s New Best SMG

JGOD is a YouTuber who conducts in-depth weapons tests for all of the Call of Duty guns. During his tests, he found that one underused Warzone SMG could become the new meta.

JGOD also recently found the biggest loadout mistake that Warzone players make.

The Bullfrog is Black Ops Cold War’s version of the much-hated Bizon from Modern Warfare. Unlike the Bizon though, the Bullfrog is a very competitive SMG in Warzone and could make its way into the meta.

A New Bullfrog Meta?

The Bullfrog has a very respectable DPS and extremely low recoil, but it has a few standout stats that may see the gun become the new meta SMG.

Firstly, the magazine capacity for the Bullfrog blows every other SMG out of the water. The default mag size for the Bullfrog is 50, while the largest extended magaznie can hold a whopping 85 bullets, allowing for multiple kills before reloading.

The Bullfrog SMG’s headshot modifier is also meta-level for Warzone. This means that accurate players who can hit a few headshots will be able to kill their opponent faster than any other SMG.

In addition, the tight hipfire spread and good damage range makes the Bullfrog one of the most versatile SMGs in Warzone. This is yet another reason why we could see this SMG creep into the Warzone meta soon.

If you’re thinking of using the Bullfrog, be sure to watch JGOD’s video first to find the best attachments for the gun. This way you can make sure you’re using the best version of Warzone’s potential new meta SMG.

JGOD YouTube

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