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New Warzone Map – “The Truth” Revealed by NICKMERCS

NICKMERCS has revealed what he believes to be the truth behind the new Warzone map.

Warzone players have been dropping into Verdansk for over a year now. Barely any changes have been made aside from Stadium opening up and the new missile silos appearing.

Verdansk is no longer a fun and exciting map for many players.

However, players had a lot of hope that a new Warzone map would arrive with Season 3. Loads of details about the new Ural Mountains Warzone map were even leaked.

Although, it looks like that map has been shelved now. NICKMERCS has weighed in on the situation and has shared what he believes has happened behind the scenes.

Warzone Verdansk New Map

NICKMERCS’ New Warzone Map Theory

In his latest video, NICKMERCS tries to clear up the confusing situation regarding Warzone getting a new map.

A leaker recently revealed that the new Warzone map will be a 1980s version of Verdansk. This has left players, NICKMERCS included, confused.

This is because there have been huge leaks pointing towards a map set in the Ural Mountains from Black Ops Cold War. The first image of the new Warzone map as well as a picture of the whole Ural Mountains map layout was leaked.

However, NICKMERCS has revealed why he thinks that this map isn’t coming any time soon.

“Before Treyarch jumped into Warzone or Blackout went into Warzone. The original plan was to create another game of Blackout, like Blackout 2.0. Which is why a lot of those POIs, a lot of those color schemes, a lot of the stuff from the Ural Mountains looked like Blackout.”


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warzone skydive

Therefore, Treyarch probably made this map for an entirely different game to Warzone. Therefore, it would take much longer to put it into Warzone, if that is even what Activision wants to do.

“There’s no big news on whether this [Ural Mountains] is still going to be a thing. It looked like the idea started to become a thing and then they scrapped it but some of those files are still left in there.”


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Only time will tell whether we do ever see the Ural Mountains map. However, it seems likely that we could get a new map at the start of Season 3.

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Meanwhile, a leak could have revealed the date for the long-awaited nuke event in Warzone. The zombies could totally take over!

Also, here are all of the POIs for the new 1980s Verdansk Warzone map. How much will be different?

Finally, Warzone players are getting really fed up now. No glint sniper rifles have taken over the game.

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