New Warzone Map Coming in Modern Warfare Season 4, Datamine Indicates

Call of Duty Warzone Urzikstan

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We’re currently in the middle of Season 3 in Call of Duty Warzone. As the launch of Modern Warfare Season 4 draws closer, one data miner appears to have discovered a new map coming to Warzone.

In recent weeks, Infinity Ward has teased the prospect of Fortnite-like events coming to Warzone. In an interview with Venture Beat, Taylor Kurosaki, the company’s narrative director, hints at more live events coming to the mode. Now, if a new data mine is anything to by, it seems we might have a slight idea of what the devs were referring to.

New Call of Duty Warzone “Urzikstan” Map

As pointed out by dataminers, the in-game files include a “Season 4” video that points towards Warzone receiving a brand new map. Warzone currently takes place in the world of Verdansk, but it seems the next map will be titled Urzikstan.

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The video, which seems to be some sort of teaser for Modern Warfare Season 4, features a variety of red dots flashing up around Verdansk. It could indicate towards nukes destroying Verdansk, although that’s merely speculation. The video then pans to the left, presumably showing a new map called Urzikstan.

The prospect of a new map called “Urzikstan” seems rather plausible. Urzikstan is already a fictional country in Modern Warfare just like Verdansk is a fictional place. With this in mind, there’s no reason why we won’t see its arrival in Warzone.

We’ll have to wait and see what Infinity Ward has in store since details are relatively limited at this point in time. Nonetheless, it certainly seems as though exciting times are ahead. Not only is the new Call of Duty entry expected to be revealed later this month, but Warzone might also receive some major changes.

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